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  1. I think he means best offer with classified listings, I personally hate the idea, I would want to know they are in a position to do deal the same day if I was to accept an offer they made. Most would just be testing your resolve.
  2. BCA dont even comply with their own rules. Here's my gripe, 5 years ago I purchased a Renault Megane (I know your going to say that its my fault, but hear me out) It stated warranted mileage of 62k. I sold the car and 3 months later after a few issues which I had sorted out for the customer, it turned out he was like a dog with a bone he started to question the miles and managed to find out that the history was forged and the mileage was incorrect, it had actually done just over 135k, They had done a great job of hiding it. This didn't go down well with any of us as you can imagine and when I approached BCA explaining the mileage was warranted, they told me that whatever the vendor states, is their liability. Well, they weren't very helpful at all, after several phone calls, they explained that the vendor is a regular seller and they had never had issues with them before, but conveniently the vendor went bankrupt and BCA didn't want to know anymore, they completely washed their hands of it, leaving me with an empty wallet, a very sour taste in my mouth and a very upset customer. If warranted miles doesn't mean that the mileage is warranted. WTF does anything they say mean? I haven't bought a car from BCA since, and my reputation is back in tact.
  3. Does your cat look like Winston Churchill??? :-)
  4. GreenGiant, I wish all the other Car dealers thought like you.
  5. I definitely concentrate on engaging with my customers on Facebook and Twitter has become more of a sideline for me. I am experiencing a similar response as far as audiences are concerned to Jim, albeit on a much smaller level. I think when I can afford to employ a salesperson, I would probably benefit more with Twitter and be able to let staff engage with customers via facebook. Has Car Dealer Magazine considered monitoring dealer performance on Facebook at all or can you see yourselves doing it in the near future?
  6. After the Top 100 most influential twitter car dealers was published, I asked myself what actually is more influential? Facebook or Twitter? I post videos, pictures, questions and even just comments or observations. Everything I post to Facebook gets automatically posted to Twitter. I think I have a good following on Facebook, most of my interactions are done with customers or potential customers, whereas most of my followers and interactions on Twitter are done with fellow dealers or others in the motor trade. I like both forms of social media, but for very different reasons. The things I post, definitely go further with Facebook, and I know I've sold more cars as a result of Facebook than I have via twitter. I also know that more of my customers are more active on Facebook than they are on Twitter. What does everyone else prefer Facebook or Twitter? and why? Is there a way of monitoring how influential we are on Facebook? And, is there a way of monitoring which one is most influential for car dealers? Would love to know peoples thoughts.