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  1. Morning all , sold a few cars private and seems harder and harder as people worry about what they are buying so now want to do things properly as a sole trader . I've got trader insurance with the test drive facility , I'm registered self employed for tax etc . I've had a meeting last week with a warranty company so that's all sorted . Found a mechanic that will do a health check / pdi and years mot so car is as good as can be . So problems I can't find answers for and are after a bit of help are 1. Finance , been told I need to be registered cca and fca ? Looked up on gov. Site and can't make head or tail of it 2. Wanted to be able to accept card payments seeing as more and more people ask to pay this way but bank said I can have one for my fencing business but definitely not for selling cars ? 3. Anything else you can tell me would be gratefully accepted