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  1. Everyone we've seen has worn one or we've given them one to wear. No complaints from people really. Bit of a different customer profile to you though Rory
  2. +1 Run your business from the point of view of how I you expect to be treated. Doesn't mean you have to bung a quarter tank in every sale though, we just do enough to put the light out which is fair IMO.
  3. I've heard some horror stories surrounding these rates assistance companies. Avoid IMO. I successfully challenged our rateable value myself and it was really easy to do with the councils assistance, bit of a faff but worth the effort. 1) I compared my rateable value to similar forcourts/sites in our area online via the councils website/planning portal. Found out we were paying more per sq metre/foot than others for comparable surfacing (gravel, tarmac, hardstanding etc attracted differing rateable value for some reason). 2) Downloaded that info, drew a kids sketch birds eye view of our site with a pen with annotations and sizes, got my old rates bills and chucked it all in a scanned document and sent to the council simple covering letter explaining the issue. 3) Matey from the council came down and couldn't have been more helpful. Given the reputation councils have I was surprised and it seemed like they really just wanted to correct their mistake. Remember to work with them not against them and have all your documentation physically to hand and in a PDF or something you can email.
  4. Used for years, Mark Pope handles our account and can't fault him.
  5. I use Motorcheck. It's cheap, drags up loads of info and prints nicely for punters. If you check a whacker it often includes photos of when it was advertised in a salvage yard with no front end which is quite fun. The guy running it appears on the various FB groups now and then, has the right ideas and seems like the kind of person/company I want to use/support.
  6. ...had a few parts made of that stuff myself this month
  7. Just get on with it, no point being afraid. Currently people need cars and there's very limited supply. Will people need cars in a few months time...probably. All you can do is work hard, efficiently and keep an eye on costs, same as every month. If there's a mega recession I won't be able to stop it.
  8. I spent over a month waiting for a kit with the right ecu/pas part number to come up on eBay. Seem to have shot up in price since I last bought a kit
  9. Still open next week (assuming retail isn't closed by then). Taking all sensible precautions with gloves, proper grade sanitiser, hand washing, safe social distancing, unaccompanied test drives etc. Open for business and ready for business. Priority though is looking after the guys we need. Paying all the trades; dent man, trimmer, painters and valeters same day they invoice so they're not stressing and trying to find them a bit of work here and there. Luckily we only have two staff but they're aware they can ask and have any time off they need for shopping, family stuff, emergencies or if they're just feeling a bit overwhelmed by this all (they're both too proud to accept help but the gesture's there). Can't influence any of what's going on but we literally are in this bollocks together so getting people paid on time and helping out where we can is the goal for now. That and concreting a few potholes on the forecourt Monday if T.Perkins are still open. (not nice to hear about the break in's guys...feel for you)
  10. Our painters usually seem so pissed and high on fumes i'd doubt they even know what's going on.
  11. But then they wouldn't be "we buy ANY car". They can't start saying sorry we're not buying cars right now can they...totally undermines everything they're about. Personally nothing against them. Wish i'd come up with the idea and made it work as well as they have.
  12. I remember MG had software issues in the past, ended up with loads of those MG6 saloons getting scrapped, but you'd think they'd have caught up by now. Gonna be a world of pain when all those electric ZS ones get to a year old and start throwing a paddy.
  13. Had one off it, car was fine, transaction a bit messy. It's a good idea but like all these things is open to abuse so tread carefully.
  14. Not worth the hassle for us, just inviting problems into your life. Unless you're a busy repairing garage people don't expect a courtesy car when they're buying used and if they do just reset their expectation level.
  15. Struggle with the newer shape but do fine with the old shape...older ones a low price point + still low tax, mpg etc