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  1. Surprised at the negativity. Just an idea, I have never charged for fuel yet. I know car supermarkets near me charge for fuel and they sell probably more than us all put together. Putting myself in customers shoes I would rather get a car with half a tank of fuel and the dealer charge me for half a tank. Than have a car with a low amount and then have to go and fill up. May give it a try, not decided yet. I actually do that lol. We dont do discounts we use the autotrader price markers to our advantage (another contentious topic lol). Usual line is "we dont do discounts or gimmicks we just put a great/good price first time and I will give you the fuel in the tank for free"
  2. Anyone charge for the fuel in the tank. I always make sure cars have 1/4 tank of fuel in and sometimes we get cars with 3/4 even occasional full tank. Thinking about charging (at pump prices) for the fuel in the tank. If I claw in on average say £15 per car and sell 20 cars a month that makes me better off by £3600 a year. Anybody tried this? How have customers reacted?
  3. He says its still happening and will bring it back again. I can understand it coming on, but why would the car cut out?
  4. Sold car to customer says traction control light comes on and car cuts out sometimes when going round bends. He brought it back couldnt replicate the fault. Auto electrician couldnt see anything wrong. Any ideas?
  5. Thanks for advice, I rang them and informed vehicle is sold and to contact DVLA for new keepers details
  6. Received parking notice for a car after we sold it. Can I give the parking company the customers details? They asked for it in writing - can I charge them as why should I use my time posting and writing it, my fuel driving to post it, and my ink and paper for free?
  7. Its for sale or rent, I fancy buying it. It has B8 planning which I have been told will be fine for appointment only car sales (Im not 100% convinced). Apparantly screwfix and such like sell from b8 planning. Comes just under business rates. I wanted to know differences between having indoor space and outdoor. eg are there fire regs as cars are kept inside ??? Also thinking fumes from cars will that cause a problem? Currently seen the unit, like it. Its not perfect but price is good
  8. Always wanted an indoor unit, is there anything that I need to know, Such as fire regs or health and safety stuff eg fumes inside or anything really. Always traded outside up to now
  9. Thats the one. Thanks
  10. Apparently we download one off hse website after doing risk assessment. Can anyone point me in right direction I cant find this certificate to download.
  11. When a customer wants to have the car delivered without seeing it first. We charge the customer delivery, we do not take any payment for the vehicle. They then get to view/test drive at their home. They then decide if they want to purchase the vehicle after they have seen/driven it. There is no obligation to buy, but they lose the payment for delivery if they don't. Would this be classed as distance selling? I cant see that it would as the customer is viewing/driving the car before they decide to buy or not.
  12. Sure I have seen mentioned on here about a trade sale group on facebook. Anyone point me in right direction of it? Is it any good?
  13. I budget each car a month of advertising. I dont know exact averages but most dont go much over a month of advertising. I sell £1000 to £4000, older petrols with good miles, good history. Obviously that doesnt include prep times. Prep adds anything from a day to a month. But most are online in less than a week of arriving.
  14. Hope it goes to £2000, nearly impossible to provide a fully prepped car, pay vat and make a wage for £1499. But I think £1999 is very doable.
  15. Not the most constructive of comments, but yes they make me do slight adjustments. May be to 10% of my stock.