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  1. I’m not officially open yet, but I,ve continued the prep programme. We are scheduled to open for business 1st April, not sure if that will happen. I,ve been giving the garage next door as much as I can, kept the alloy man going, been giving the painter virtually full time work for the last few weeks and have the valeter here today working alone, probably the only guy working on the whole estate...lol I’ve being paying my bills as soon as they are ready. I have simply stuck to my business plan and can survive for the next 3 months with no income. I guess I am very lucky.
  2. I,m not sure what effect it will have in the motor trade. I am in the fortunate position where I have no borrowings and can live without a wage, so I can ride it out... However, in my partners business which I am involved in, we are down 30K already... just like that. (that is a real tangible 30K, not a projected loss)if it goes on we lose another 30K in Sept/Oct. That would pretty much fuck up a business my partner has put her heart and sole into. What fucks me off so much is that all the people giving out the advice and managing the situation will get paid whatever...it won't effect them other than the inconvenience of maybe not being able to wipe their arse with their favourite brand of toilet paper. Out here in the real world.....
  3. I understand your frustration, I really do but I would like to make 3 points. 1. There is absolutely no basis for legal action against autotrader. None whatsoever. an expansive excersize in futility at best. If you found a lawyer opportunistic enough to take it up...and it would be oppertunistic, because they would KNOW there was no chance of success...in court when the judge stopped laughing he/she would find in favour of autotrader and award costs against the plaintiffs without a doubt. 2. Autotrader do not care about you, me or most on these forums. They don't need to, most of our accounts are four figures monthly. Can you imagine the monthly spend for big franchises and supermarkets? These are the clients Autotrader are interested in and will take notice off. The price markers will suit them as it gives the impression that the cars they sell are low priced and good value. 3. We are all big boys and girls here, so are responsible for our own destinies. We are under no obligation to use Autotrader or any other platform. If we do its on their terms and conditions (within the law obviously) the same as when a customer buys a car from me, its on my terms (within the law obviously) and I can ask any price I choose.
  4. I’m not sure what the Bulgarian hooch is but it can’t be worse than some of the Scotch Whisky from the Islands. I don’t mind the Highland (where I’m from) and the Speyside malts and I actually like some like Balvenie Doublewood, but generally I prefer Irish Whiskey (terrible admission for a Scotsman)
  5. Jeez, that’s hellish stuff. Like drinking burnt peat soaked in methylated spirit.
  6. I used to confuse reality and sensible caution with doom and gloom myself in my younger day. It cost me a lot of money and some painful lessons.
  7. I have turned my best profits this way. The secret of buying blind is to make sure the potential profit on the car will cover any eventuality, so if its a lemon, the worst that can happen is you don't make any money. So don't bid unless the potential margin is big. Doesn't happen often! It generally only works with older higher value grade 3 and 4 cars. Grade 1 and 2, everyone and their dog wants it and cheaper model grade 3/4 there is not enough margin for the risk to be worthwhile. In my experience almost every car over 9 years old is graded 3/4. Often, they turn out to be grade 2 at the worst. I find the opposite to be true with newer cars. Often a 4 year old grade 2 will need as much spending on it as a 10 year old grade 4
  8. I don't think sound advice is doom and gloom TV, but I'm not sure who it is directed towards. Obviously not me You can't be that much my senior. I have had a 40 year working life, mostly in some form of business, often with a number of employees, usually VAT registered. I have used the same firm of (Chartered) Accountants since 1997. The main difference between you and I is that although I have been buying and selling car for 40 odd years, previously the most cars I have had in stock is half a dozen and my accounts were so simple, even I could do them...and I hate numbers and bookwork with a passion. I have endured VAT inspections before it was virtual. At one point the VAT man was camped at my place for 3 days. We ended on first name terms and I used to phone him up for advice. I know no better than most not to give HRMC any excuse, hence why I want to make sure that I give myself the best chance possible of avoiding errors.
  9. Thanks. Looking forward to it. Should give me new lease of life I reckon. I’m so glad to get out of my previous full time business even though I have it to thank for giving me the money to invest in this. To be fair I,ve also done pretty well out of part time trading over the years and learned a lot of important lessons along the way.
  10. I’ve decided to go with having my accountant do everything for a few months and see how it goes. Thanks for the replies.
  11. My partner has a spare windows machine I can have. I had a look and looked at the tutorial. It seems very good, but possibly to complex for me. I will speak to them on Monday, but my current thought is just let the accountant do it all.
  12. I am aware yes. Even watched HMRC Youtube videos on the subject. Ten mins of my rapidly deminishing life I won't get back. I will probably end up with my accountant doing it.
  13. That may be a possibility. My accountant charges are very reasonable and I hate doing paperwork.
  14. Looked great...then I read that it needs windows as an OS I use Mac, but I will drop them a line in case there is a way round it. Thanks for the info. My posts are usually pretty boring, but I've excelled with this one