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  1. The change will massively affect your reach on groups too, it wouldn't surprise me if they put a halt to sharing to them in future. Also, I'd be wary about just utilising dealers as they're not the ones who buy your vehicles. You'll need to make sure you're reaching your target audience, too. It's good to see that you know the basics! It's the people who aren't getting these right initially that end up with low results.
  2. You're right, if you pay then it should stay the same. The change is for the free aspect of Facebook - when you post something and people see it naturally. Have you tried creating adverts rather than boosting? This has much better targeting options and gives you a lot more features to narrow down who you are targeting. - Jade
  3. You'd be surprised the amount of Facebook Pages out there who don't do the basics (not necessarily dealers), these are the people who are going to be hit the hardest as they've no doubt had some "quick wins" in the past Jade
  4. Hi all, I'm the Digital Marketer at First Response and just wanted to share some industry knowledge with you guys. Facebook have just updated their algorithm (how they decide which posts get seen) and they've made it extremely hard for any business Page to now show on people's newsfeed. Essentially, to get onto a newsfeed you will now have to pay for it or have incredible engagement. If you're a Facebook-focused dealer then you will likely need to start thinking strategically. Facebook want conversations between a dealership and its fans/customers. I would not be surprised if over the next coming weeks you see your reach dropping significantly on your posts and your engagement coming to a halt (calculate this by adding likes, comments & shares over the week or month then dividing by number of likes). My best advice for dealers at the moment is to: Allow conversations on your page (reviews, posts, comments) and actively respond back to them Use video - this naturally has more reach and live videos are even better Stop posting the same stuff over and over again, it's about quality not quantity (if applicable) Start thinking about what your fans want to see (not what you want to show them) Consider putting aside some budget and/or man power for your Facebook There's a lot to take in there but I am happy to answer any questions! Jade Digital Marketer First Response Finance
  5. Not at all, the business relationships we have with dealers come first, not profit. Our company vision is "people service profit" and we truly believe that our people come first. We invest in the business relationships we have and our employees, this should naturally drive the best customer from both ends and profit will be a natural result of that. We don't chase profit as we believe it puts the service we provide and our relationships with our people at risk.
  6. We appreciate our dealers a lot and customer service is the forefront of everything we do. If a customer is introduced to us we will do everything within our power to keep that customer at the original dealer, after all we see them as your customer, not ours. We understand our commission structure will not be to everybody's liking and we'll make sure the feedback is passed to the correct department so they're aware of your challenges.
  7. If you're looking for a non-prime lender with a focus on customer service (to you and your customers) then consider us. We've been rated the best sub-prime lender by dealers at the Car Dealer Power Awards for every year the award's been available. Our customers also rate us 4.9/5. We have an easy online portal which can give instant decisions and allow you to upload docs without even speaking to us. This portal is constantly being updated so bigger things are yet to come. We also provide commission on all introduced business if the customer chooses a car from you. We are a lender and not a broker which means you'll deal directly with one of our staff members and you'll have your own Account Manager who's there to help your business grow. If you want more details then feel free to drop us an email. The Marketing Team.
  8. We'll be there! We have a stand in Hall 1 so make sure you pop by and say hello to some of our sales and marketing team.
  9. Hi @CGF, If you have got your FCA permissions or are in the process of getting them then we could look at getting you on our system if you wish. We're a UK lender who can offer the full spectrum of finance (prime to sub-prime). If you're interested and want to find out more about us you can download our Who We Are booklet using the link below. You can then give us a call on 0115 946 6260 and ask to be set up as a new dealer or drop us an email at Thanks, the marketing team.
  10. Hi macffar, We can’t answer specifically for this customer as we don’t know who it is or which dealership you are from but it sounds as though the bank statement you sent over didn’t show what we were expecting based on the application. From a responsible lending point of view we would have found it wrong for us to lend if the customer was either already in debt (shown on the overdraft) or was earning less than we expected. We can understand your frustrations on this but most of our approvals are with the condition of seeing certain documentation to ensure we’re only lending to those who can afford it and not putting financial strain on customers. As we said previously, this is an assumption based on the information you’ve provided as we don’t know which customer this relates to. The reasons for declining this customer should have been explained by one of our team but if you would like us to clarify any information please get in touch. We do hope you consider using us again, it may be worth having a chat with one of our sales team so you fully understand our processes and know what to expect? Thanks, Marketing at First Response Finance
  11. Hi @betginge, Glad you're thinking about doing business with us. To answer your question we don't have a maximum age for vehicles, we'll take everything else into consideration to ensure it's reasonable for us to do the deal. So, for example, a car could be 12 years old but if it meets our mileage criteria there's no reason we can't look at it. With your example of a 59K 06 Zafira, this sounds like something we would finance (subject to meeting all other criteria, of course). Our usual terms are between 18-48 months but, as @sparky mentioned, our most popular option is a 3 year term as this tends to give customers the best deal possible. As for reviews from dealers we'll let that discussion continue. Thanks, Marketing at First Response Finance