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Found 2 results

  1. Just found out today that our HPI check price had gone up in March and we were not informed. Currently we are paying £3.65, If id known I would have reverted back to Autotrader's Experian check through dealer portal which is at £3.50 (I also noticed you can add a CAP valuation for 60p and Glasses for 50p) As you can imagine HPI will not budge on price so they've lost our business... Now we have the RAC as a new player on the market, so for you dealers that are unaware, the cheapest option which offers the same service is the RAC passport check... This is priced for us at £2.99 as we do under 5,000 checks Pricing -1 - 5,000 £2.99 5,000 - 10,000 £2.49 10,000 - 25,000 £1.99 25,000 - 50,000 £1.49 50,000+POA Hope this has saved at least one of you guy's some money!
  2. Lets see what WE all want or don't want from the likes of Autotrader, Motors, Carcliq, AA, RAC , eBay, Pistonheads +++ 100's more We moan and groan about each and everyone , be it cost ( of course too expensive! ) attitude, lack of leads (sales) - IF you had the opportunity to change / adjust anything on any of the platforms:- what chances would yo like to see and how would that help your business? what would encourage you to advertise with that co if you're not already doing so? what would make you move away IF you were already advertising with them ? Is there a better way that they should charge us dealers i.e. instead of per car or between range i.e 1-15 16-20 50-150 etc etc Do you believe some dealers get a better deal than you ? and why? What return would you expect on your investment ? YOU Don't have to name the platform's IF that makes you uncomfortable mentioning them by name on here! I'm just very curious to know your thoughts , and if you think similar to me. Don't be shy!