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Found 8 results

  1. Maybe a bit conversational but here goes ! I have no problem in everyone knowing who i am , name, dealer etc etc .. I just feel sometimes I see various posts and would be good to know more about the person/dealer/area /stock profile etc etc to give me better understanding about that dealer , I click on the name - , when it goes to profile nothing more ! So i'm none the wiser about who that person is or about their business ! If the full details were on there I'm sure we could possibly help each other more as we would understand each others businesses more , not only that but if I'd sold a car in a certain area had an issue with the car one of the trusted fellow dealers could help out - visa versa ! Just a thought ? what do YOU all think? umesh
  2. Think I've suggested this before but can't remember .. must be the grey matter ! Its not always easy to know who's who but let me pick on one person David Bilsborough as an example ( Hope you don't mind David ) David comments on a thread , if I want to know more about him I click on his name but it doesn't tell me anything more about him ? Website , location , tel No , email , twitter etc etc Would it not be useful if next to the name it showed this ? Umesh Samani 01782 822 700 @specialistcars1 If all the details were shown then if David posted a comment I thought , you know what I'd like to have a personal conversation because it was interesting but more private than a forum , you simply pick the phone up or email at a click ? I FULLY understand some people need to keep their identity secret but .. just an idea ? thoughts ?
  3. OK Some of you wan't to stay anonymous [ for your own reasons , privacy and all that .. or part time MI5 functions] but personally I think it would be good if everyone on here showed their Name / web link / email / tel no as a minimum ? may be picture if you want and twitter name ! just so that every can get to know a bit more about the other business ? Any Thoughts ? umesh
  4. Posting Pictures / information/ Registration numbers on Social Media. I’ve been thinking about this for a quite a while and the recent story about Paul Weller made me wonder even more. I’m always cautious about what information I post on social media, I always ask customers if they are OK with their picture being posted on FB / Twitter when they’ve bought a car from me. It’s all too easy to snap away without thinking and post pictures /information which could cause an issue for some one. The Paul Weller situation is a bit different as it’s his children, but what if you spotted a car with an unusual registration number , snapped away posted it on twitter , and the car shouldn’t have been there for whatever reason ??? I nearly did that say a car with ‘GOK’ ( Don’t think it was Gok Wan !) But was just about to take a picture and thought ‘what if’ ... I didn’t bother! We all do these things on spur of the moment and its for fun , but in reality are we asking for trouble ? lawsuit ? any thoughts ?
  5. Saw this story earlier on twitter and thought it was worth sharing on how NOT to use social media, AND being careful of who tweets/ responds on your business !
  6. Twitter ! To me its an amazing 'place' or 'tool' met so many genuine people on here, life long friends , lots of other contacts not just in the motor trade, done business with so many new people both way we giving others business and visa versa.! May be I've seen the light , but wondering WHY Not many motor dealers have joined ? is it lack of understanding ? thinking its a total waste of time ? or simply can't be bothered ? just think how many of these dealers are missing out but not only that but we could do with their input into various topics as well to get a broader perspective.
  7. After the Top 100 most influential twitter car dealers was published, I asked myself what actually is more influential? Facebook or Twitter? I post videos, pictures, questions and even just comments or observations. Everything I post to Facebook gets automatically posted to Twitter. I think I have a good following on Facebook, most of my interactions are done with customers or potential customers, whereas most of my followers and interactions on Twitter are done with fellow dealers or others in the motor trade. I like both forms of social media, but for very different reasons. The things I post, definitely go further with Facebook, and I know I've sold more cars as a result of Facebook than I have via twitter. I also know that more of my customers are more active on Facebook than they are on Twitter. What does everyone else prefer Facebook or Twitter? and why? Is there a way of monitoring how influential we are on Facebook? And, is there a way of monitoring which one is most influential for car dealers? Would love to know peoples thoughts.
  8. Just a thought but only dealers on twitter know about this forum and how 'social media' works. Still a lot of dealers out there just about getting a website never mind anything else, seeing that 'The car Dealer Magazine' is sent out to a lot of dealers , some who are not on social media /networks doing a survey with all the subscribers to find out what their thoughts are? Just an idea ? I Think it would be interesting to see why/what they think about social media/ good- bad? over to you CD Team!