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Found 26 results

  1. Just spotted this article by Sophie about the number of complaints about used cars. "MORE than half of faulty used cars reveal their problems within a month of purchase" Would be interesting to see the list of faults, are they actual faults ? also what age/ price band are all these complaints? I saw a 'review' on a website a few weeks ago about a customer complaining about what was wrong with a car he'd bought for £895 - [Eight Hundred and ninety five pounds ] yes the car has to be road worth and a heap of junk , but what can you really expect for that price? So is it down to customer expectations ? We've all had cars perfect when we sell them and no reason the 'engine light' comes on - so that classed as fault ? Wrong use of fuel ? different type of driving?
  2. umesh


    shpock Click dealer have a deal to feed stock to Shpock+ motors , just curious who's been using shpock and how successful it's been? Is this the next big place to sell cars from? Thoughts?
  3. Every Month Philip Nothard conducts a 'dealer survey' on the state of the market, this gives some indication of what's happening all over the country, always a great insight. Would be great if everyone could spare couple of minutes to do this months survey please I have last survey results but it won't allow me to post these ? if you want the full report pdf -please drop me an email and I'll sent it on to you cheers Umesh
  4. BAN on NEW petrol & Diesel cars from 2040 - Well this is the ' breaking News' but how real is this? 23 Years - Is that long enough -Will I still be here Is it too long - Is it too little too late ? Is the 'British' public behind this ? Will they all change to EV, ? How will this affect sales of used diesel - petrol cars ? Thoughts ?
  5. Morning! The reason I joined this forum was to increase my knowledge about cars, and my first question is about buying a used car! I'm looking to purchase this VW Scirocco TDI CR GT 3dr for about £10,000 ( but I have some questions that I don't want to ask the sales people because I know they'll just BS me: Is this a good price for a VW Scirocco? Are there any benefits of buying second hand over new? Are there any better cars I can get for £10,000 Is there anything I should look out for when buying a used car? Good and Bad Any help muchly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  6. Morning! The reason I joined this forum was to increase my knowledge about cars, and my first question is about buying a used car! I'm looking to purchase this VW SciroccoTDI CR GT 3dr for about £10,000 ( but I have some questions that I don't want to ask the sales people because I know they'll just BS me: Is this a good price for a VW Scirocco? Are there any benefits of buying second hand over new? Are there any better cars I can get for £10,000 Is there anything I should look out for when buying a used car? Good and Bad Any help muchly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  7. We all these leads , lets see how YOU would respond to this enquiry time I'll Let you know how I replied and what happened ! "Name Bob Thomson Message whilst car looks very attractive appears overpriced for year. what would be your best cash price if i travel to view car" This is the car : Umesh
  8. Valuations Sure this topic has been brought up previously and no doubt it will be raised again BMW 1 Series SE Auto 3dr- £4040 factory options 21800 miles 2013/13. White / Black leather with £4040 factory options We all use various valuation tools , so I try to check its value on Autotrade-mail £14819 Glass's guide £14200 ( Strange as when Glass's DM and checked it came back at £13530) Cap Clean £12100 ( £11500 Average ) Now before I reveal what I THINK the market value is for this car I'd love to get your opinions ( Needs 2 wheel rufurbs thats all ) . What's Trade & Retail IF you were buying this for stock. Join in - don't be shy :).. After all no one is right or wrong - just look at the difference in opinions , or is it data ?
  9. So we’re in the final week of February, Talking to lots and lots of dealers it’s been a tough month for leads, sales, profit (According to the majority!) So who, what do we blame – the climate, the stock, the advertising platforms i.e. Autotrader, Motors, eBay, Piston heads, local press, Google, Gumtree ,sales staff (for those who have staff!) or ourselves or maybe the weather – whatever we all blame it doesn’t change the fact we’re all not happy with the results. Sometimes I guess we need to look at what we are offering to our customers , I’m no marketing guru but I try and put myself into the customers shoes , IF I was looking for a car searched the net from where ever and eventually landed at the dealer website what do I want to see. Well believe me it’s shocking, dealers trying to sell cars with poor images , quality and quantity , dirty floor mats in the foot well, dirty cars, stains on the seats, flat tyre ( Oh Yes!) and the list continues .. Would YOU even bother to call or visit that dealer? NO! Then why do these dealers expect the customer to even call never mind visit or buy the car. Back to basics! Preparation and presentation has to be 1st surely? Now I probably go overboard with the number of images between 25/60 ! and a Full HD Video walk around of every car..But It SELLS CARS ! Only last night a customer collected a Galaxy and he told me about his experience, his words “ You would not believe the state of some of the cars I've seen , some dealers have 2/3 pictures and not even been valeted , when I saw the video of your car I knew you had nothing to hide , and that made me buy the car – I've not seen anyone else do that , think it’s a fantastic idea†I've sold quite a number of cars simply down to the video ( Now I should keep that secret to myself) In all honesty if it helps some of you guys sell more cars – fantastic ! Some of you may think waste of time and don’t have time to do them, that’s fine , some may be saying I sell loads without doing all these ..great continue with what works for you. Please feel free to check out my website and video’s AND Please shout if you think i could improve on anything – all feedback appreciated – positive or negative ! Happy Selling guys and remember keep smiling and enjoying what you do , most of all have FUN !
  10. What an interesting conversation with a customer ! Rings about a car £9000 -, tells me the PX he has is being 'sold' at £9000 , How much would I do a deal to swap. His car is worth £7250 so I tell him I need £1750 to swap ! He says but you want to make profit on both cars , why are you being so greedy ? He says IF I sell my car for £9000, cause that's what they're selling for it would be a straight swap! Long story short I kept it very amicable - and explained I am in BUSINESS AND I NEED TO MAKE PROFIT OB BOTH cars , as they are individual deals! He said I thought you'd do me a favour !! I said that's fine I'd you a favour as long as you pay my wages as a favour back ! He's gone away to see if anyone else will do him a favour ..anyone want his number !
  11. 'Under selling' How many of you are underselling your stock ? Strange question you may think? I've come across this again a few minutes ago with a customer I've been trying to source a car for, this time it's an Audi dealer selling a Q5 , BIG group , and bizarre how they must price their cars, I guess it's down to individual sites etc, however a quick look on their own website and prices all over the place. This particular car , Just arrived in to stock ( unit stocking suggests 07-09-15) No pictures on the website as yet , website says 40,000 miles - Actual Mileage 46,000m - Full spec not shown but has few more than what's mentioned ... advertised at £22000 - Customer told can have it for £20850 !! Big discount for a new car into stock for whatever reason ! now the numbers GG £19850 Retail £22650 ATM £19626 Retail £23550 CAP £18500 Retail £21900 One owner , full dealer history car , will come with full 12 Months Audi warranty , Now is it me or are they under selling the car ? Good colour Daytona grey / Black leather ! IS this why everyone is trying to compete with these deals ? or saying its quiet when you have a car similar but marked up at I believe higher price ? Has the dealer undervalued his own brand or do they know something we don't ? Any thoughts ?
  12. Just a quick mention if you guys are not aware of a regular podcast , lots of very interesting information i.e new consumer law changes that affect us all from 1st October, insight motor trade information and dealer interviews .+++ plus so much more worth a listen / follow twitter @dealerpodcast Enjoy ! Apologies if this has been mentioned before !
  13. Just spotted this poll by AM What is your dealership's average used car days in stock before retail or decide to trade? 1 to 14 days = 15.9%15 to 30 days = 4.5%31 to 45 days = 13.6%46 to 60 days = 29.5%61 to 75 days = 15.9%76 to 90 days = 6.8%90+ days = 13.6% Any Thoughts ?
  14. I'm NOT Complaining at all... BUT What's happening to the motor trade , particularly the new car dealers [ Franchised ] , I don't know if it's the sales staff or the management , but I am very grateful as they are doing me a massive favour in obtaining some very, very nice cars. But I was under the impression that WE as dealers should be making it easy for the customer to buy a new car , easy changeover ALL in one easy transaction ? Let me get to the point ' Cash for cars' lot of dealers are moaning that they can't get their hand on nice, genuine cars, seems lots selling to 'cash for cars' type website here are a few extracts from my conversations with customers who I have bought cars from · Land Rover Dealer - to customer with a desirable BMW " You're better off selling it yourself , we won't give you the best price for your car , I suggest WBAC " · Mercedes Dealer to the customer with a Volvo " we will only sell your car to the trade i suggest you sell it yourself as you'll get more than my boss will give you " · Skoda Dealer " sell it to WBAC We don't really want it - A very desirable one owner Nissan , whilst i was collecting the Nissan his daughter came out and said would you be interested in the Audi A3 , I Said funnily enough I was just going to say I'd be interested when it comes for sale - She explained she was in the Audi dealer the day before having an MOT and asked how much against new/x-demo A3 - They told her " sell it yourself it's done too many miles and we wouldn't really give her the best price " - It's an A3 2.0TDI S Line Black Edition S-Tronic 2011- With 45000 miles FASH - · I can give various other examples , what is going on with the dealers ? As I've said I'm not complaining as I'm getting some amazing cars but seems the dealers expect the customers to do all the work and simply sit there order taking ! · any Thoughts ?
  15. Seems most car buyers make the same mistake ! price. Always looking at the cheapest - and as we have know it's not all about being the cheapest , but 'value' Here's an example customer walked in earlier and came out with this comment "gosh , your car looks expensive" I asked what was that comment based on ? simply that it was a "60 plate car" wow what a comment not knowing ANYTHING at all about the car simply the 'registration plate'. I said to him very politely , have a cup of tea and let me explain why YOU may think it's expensive, at 1st he wouldn't even consider listening to me, simply it looked expensive ! Determined and wanting to get his attention and not being argumentative I simply " you don't have a clue " Any way long story short , I explained and showed him the cost of all the factory fitted extras , just under £3000 , plus the FSH, Plus the outstanding condition , and that NO GUIDE Made any price adjustments for the extras ! I also went on to explain I'm a dealer - and not just working from home selling from the side of the road so you KNOW who you are dealing with giving him peace of mind and all the other benefits that go with buying from ME. Although I didn't sell him a car [ he wasn't in the market] he did express that he now understood a lot more about buying cars and apologised for his 'uneducated comment' . We all think we're an expert but without knowing the full facts how can anyone make comments on products without doing the homework. And I say to sellers of anything if you want to be the cheapest you're not giving your customers the best service or product.
  16. Future of the 'SMALLER' independents Looking and reading all the articles it seems the bigger are getting bigger , and the smaller are getting swallowed up by the big guys! or going bust! so what happens to us ? the smaller independents ! what is the future ? will be survive ? are we all just surviving and paying the bills ? Are we all making sufficient to keep re investing or just about hanging on ..for another year? Seems a very mixed picture out there, most who do admit the 'truth' are saying are going from month to month- year to year and cannot see a rosy future , it pays the bills ! So who can help -if anyone ? is it getting the right cars from the right place at the right price? is it the marketing platforms and that they could be bringing more leads /sales for less costs? is the small independent doomed or is there ways to change and its going to be the 'RISE' of the small independents ! Any thoughts ?
  17. Been to Autotrader Master class today at an amazing venue , if you want to take someone special away this is the place, its virtually on my door step but never realised - well worth a visit for a day if you're in the area : They mentioned a company in the US offering the simplicity of buying a USED car on line , complete transaction and delivered to your door , which on the face of it doest seem amazing , as I'm sure we've all supplied cars like this - but they also offer a 7 day ' test drive period' - not only that they promote you to read their ' worst reviews ( Very cleaver idea - reverse psychology!) here is one of their promotional videos : Thoughts ?
  18. Strange two things have happened this week regarding Main Dealer service dept. 1st - Had a Hyundai serviced by main dealer this week , 2nd service - on time as its only done 5900 miles - got the car back going through the invoice for curiosity of breakdown of costs - replace spark plugs !! now looking at the list of ' 2 year /25,000 mile ' service technically its due but doesn't common sense come into the equation at times ? [ I didn't pay the full ' menu' price as I got a deal ] but when i booked it in surely the receptionist could have said about the spark plugs etc etc ! 2nd Just sold an MX5 to a customer and he asks me if the ' bottle for the puncture repair kit is up to date as its an MOT failure' I said I've never heard of that being part of the MOT. He went on tell me he's just had his Honda MOT'd at the main dealer and they rang him to tell him that would want replacing as its out of date for the MOT. [ The Mazda MX5 Bottle says best before 10/11 -serviced by Mazda and sold my Mazda Main dealer in 2012 , so you'd think they would have replaced it during the servicing or prior to selling to last buyer - wouldn't you? ] I just asked the workshop next door - they thought i's lost the plot as its nothing to do with the MOT [ Had to ask just in case new rules had crept in and I wasn't aware ] Any comments !
  19. Underselling or maximising FULL profit potential. Here’s an interesting bit of info for anyone interested. Hopefully everyone on here likes to make the’ maximum profit’ on any car you've bought, don to the last £25/50 [They all add up just think if you’re selling 25 cars per month – extra £25 per vehicle = £7500 year-end profit, sorry I digress] Just trying to do a deal on a Golf Plus 2011-11 – 17000 miles, one owner FVSH + Few extras. I've valued the car with Autotrader Price £8650 Glass Guide £9060 CAP Clean £9375 [Live today £9475] Slight variance; happens on them all but what is the Retail price for this car? I use Glass Guide and the useful feature is ‘Radar’ For those who don’t know about ‘radar’ it shows same/similar vehicles either for sale or sold throughout the country , who is selling it/ sold it and days in stock and on average how many days that car takes to sell. So I check who’s got one and what they’re selling for or have sold for. Hopefully not boring you but the 1st 4 cars sold as follows £8999 14 Days in Stock Suzuki Dealer £9490 93 days in stock VW Dealer [£10490 – 2 months £9490] £8950 92 days in stock Ford Dealer [£9450 – THEN £10,000 –Reduced to £8950] £9995 86 days in stock VW Dealer [£9995 – 2 months then £8999] Is it that the car has been undersold? or is that the correct retail price , if that’s the case then are the trade values wrong? After that we have to think DO - GG/ CAP/ Autotrader ++ collate this info , look at the ‘retailed prices’ and adjust the ‘trade values’ down due to the retail values being lower? Retail values according to Autotrader £10825 GG £10800 CAP £10950 [Live £11095] So I’m sure we’d all agree retails are £11000! Have these dealers missed ‘ extra profit potential ‘ would they have been better simply ‘trading’ these cars from day one and even made more profit than retailing them ? Your thoughts ? Hope it all makes sense ? Over to you ! *PS the mileage of all the cars is not 17,000 but even taking the variance at most of £500/600 - I feel the retail value would have been £10500. Also note the vehicle i valued is today the cars were for sale since November where the trade/ retail values would have been higher ?
  20. Just in case you've not seen this , Mary Portas visits a car dealership and shows how its done with some changes to be aired on 17th March 8.00 pm - Will be interesting , I do love watching her programmes , she always has an interesting angle and it will be great to see her perspective on 'retailing of cars' Attached is the official article
  21. Lets see what WE all want or don't want from the likes of Autotrader, Motors, Carcliq, AA, RAC , eBay, Pistonheads +++ 100's more We moan and groan about each and everyone , be it cost ( of course too expensive! ) attitude, lack of leads (sales) - IF you had the opportunity to change / adjust anything on any of the platforms:- what chances would yo like to see and how would that help your business? what would encourage you to advertise with that co if you're not already doing so? what would make you move away IF you were already advertising with them ? Is there a better way that they should charge us dealers i.e. instead of per car or between range i.e 1-15 16-20 50-150 etc etc Do you believe some dealers get a better deal than you ? and why? What return would you expect on your investment ? YOU Don't have to name the platform's IF that makes you uncomfortable mentioning them by name on here! I'm just very curious to know your thoughts , and if you think similar to me. Don't be shy!
  22. If any of you have tried to manually add a vehicle via the Portal, you will probably have found the whole process deeply frustrating, as the quality of the vehicle data (spec, derivatives etc) is shockingly poor. I'm losing the will to live with it all. A/T have signed up with Glass as supplier for their vehicle data. This is a 10-year deal. Previously, when they got the info from CAP, the vehicle data was pretty good, with just a few discrepancies that could easily be rectified. Additional options could be selected and the ads truly reflected the vehicles we were trying to sell. Now, the whole thing is a joke. Complete model ranges are missing or inaccurate, standard and optional spec is generic rather than specific - Apparently, 'exterior mirrors', 'speakers' and 'clock' are attractive standard options that we have to now de-select in order to not look complete numpties. Important extra options are not shown as being able to be selected, so they all have to be added manually or shown in the 'Attention Grabber' to give us a chance of appearing in a search (and don't get me started on just how crap that is now) This change was just imposed without any consultation and with no thought to the implications. The latest from A/T is that they hope to have the data accurate 'by Easter'. Seriously. 6 months to get the data back to where it was before some fool signed a deal with Glass to buy data that they haven't got. And can't provide, as they don't have the resources to supply it. But I expect they still got a fat bonus Nobody at A/T is listening. Their own forum (now online via the smashing new 'Explore' link) is full of very angry Motor Dealers, but this is just the tip of the iceberg as most Traders don't contribute. I'm gonna wind back my spend with them in the New Year - I know they won't really care but i'm not paying them to make things worse any more. I've signed up with Motors (thanks Andy & the team) and really hope it works and they gain momentum so we can all make the jump.
  23. Insurance company selling used cars? Not sure if anyone else spotted the advert last night Direct line insurance shows a car being damaged by a truck ...goes on to say IF your car is a write off ,we can either pay you to go and buy, or we’ll get a car for you and even to the point you can upgrade and we’ll find you a better car? Does this mean they are actively trying to replace/upgrade the customer’s car themselves? Do we have another ‘used car’ retailer or are they simply ‘trying to help’ the customer?
  24. With only 6 weeks left of 2013, it's time to look back through the year and compare with previous years results. With all the increases in new car sales, with some fantastic enhanced and subsidised new car deals, in comes as no surprise that new car sales have gone up, but what about us independents? What about the used cars especially the nearly new car m,market, how has that been affected for you? We would love to know what the REAL picture is out there, not the picture that the media has painted, but the view from the coal face! Jim
  25. Pre-Reg – Surplus Stock – Special Offers May be this could open up a can of worms or help ALL dealers out there. I get asked many times to source specific cars or even sometimes not a specific car but a general type/price range of cars ( I’m sure lots of others do too) I use ATM to try and source / request cars – requests normally fall on deaf ears (still don’t know why?) I get lists from various companies of their stock and try to sometimes sell from that or even buy for stock. I hear of lots of ‘pre-reg’ cars with great savings, or new cars with ‘support’ but whenever I want or try and find any of these , no one ever comes forward with them , but the retail customer always knows who’s offering what/where & how to get it. I’d be interested to see what others think about cars /deals being shared /offered with this forum with obviously secure login so that only us dealers can help each other. Its simple I might have a customer in stoke for that ‘pre-reg’ sitting in Aberdeen which needs to be moved rather than collecting dust/ costing money ! Any thoughts ?