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Found 2 results

  1. So, we've all been thoroughly amused, entertained, informed and some times even down-right annoyed with this years postings and, I for one have learned many things- so thanks to all who contribute time from their 'ahem' busy schedules to post. I was wondering if we could have a bit of fun and nominate people, topics, postings etc for our own Car Dealer Magazine Forum awards along the lines perhaps of the CDM Awards nominations etc? (Maybe Admin will chime in to come up with a way of voting/collating?) So suggestions for topics please? My ideas with my nominations: Best Newbie : Mechanic Dave? Best post: I nearly bought an Astra Most frustrating post: as above. Most helpful member- Nick MK for dealing with my Screamer Grumpiest Member- the brilliant BHM or Arfur-have you seen the bloody video- Dealy Most Annoying Subject- where can I buy stock-I'm new to the game Oh No Not Again Award: Autoraper conversation What Do you Mean? Really?....T.V. getting back into the game/getting a site again ;0) I can't believe I didn't do it earlier..Videos
  2. It's that time of the year , the coveted Car Dealer Awards ... Having been there a few times and come back with an Award or two has been an amazing feeling , just thinking back brings a massive smile on my face and to meet so many other dealers, colleagues and friends .. this has to be 'THE EVENT OF THE YEAR ' .., For those who are thinking about or not thought about entering , Why not? Shout out about your business and WHY you should win .. deadline is looming , 31st October is the final day to get your entry in .. Details here to enter. Good Luck to everyone Umesh