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Found 4 results

  1. HI all bought a few BCA cars from various locations last few weeks, one of the few that are still selling cars and allowing collections. My question is description says V5 present but we have found many missing not ticked on envelope only to be TOLD docusafe have been shut and they hold them all for the whole group. BCA are pretty unhelpful once the car has left the building it seems. BCA users is there a way of accessing docusafe saved files? I did get sent one scanned V5 for a jag we bought but the rest I guess NO CHANCE? any light would be great , being an online seller we have had a few cars sell fast to NHS workers and armed forces. but no V5 is causing issues. Cheers all & stay safe
  2. Hi, been told by BCA in order to get a Gold card I must have motor trade insurance, But someone else I know has a gold card but doesn't have motor trade insurance, they're saying without motor trade insurance I cannot get past the silver card, anyone else have a similar experience?
  3. VERY frustrated with the Customer Claims at BCA and their attitude towards buyers. Had a Grade 2 BMW delivered last week, described online as 1 to 5 stone chips on the bumper, 1 to 5 chips osf wing, two wheel refurbs and door edge chip. It arrived with..... Front bumper bladdered in chips with damage to splitter and two very bad touch ups about 5cm each, wing scratched through paint about 20cm & sill scratched about 50cm - both old scratches and thru paint, tailgate poor paint and a very obvious dent man dent, rear lamp cracked, three wheel scuffs and a bald tyre. They accepted the grade change and the condition of the car and told me they could either collect it or get a quote which I felt was fair.... but..... I sent them a very reasonable trade / cost price quote to do the repairs & replacement lamp and they'll offer me a max of £350 inc VAT which I think is taking the P**S. I told them to phone their own BCA bodyshop for a quote and then come back to me with something more realistic. They simply said take the £350 or we will collect. Yes that is £291 +vat to repair/paint a bumper, a wing, a sill, a tailgate, refurb an extra wheel, change a run flat tyre and purchase a replacement LED rear lamp. If it was easy enough to replace stock at the right money I would of sent it back, but I would be silly to do so as there's still decent profit left even after contributing towards the repairs. Just really gets on my nerves how they just DO NOT care about their dealers and just have a take it or leave it attitude. Never the auction or vender that's out of pocket but the people who are already being shafted daily when buying from BCA.
  4. Just wondered what you guys would do as this is the first time I have questioned a car bought at the auction. Bought a Mazda2 on the friday and collected it today, grade 2 so reasonably clean and the small items mentioned were no surprise. What was a surprise though was the cigarette burn in the drivers seat. This was not on the inspection report and as I bought it online I didnt know about it till pick up. Would have bid less if I would have noticed it, instead it was at the top of my bid anyway. Spoke to Manheim B'ham and they said what do I want them to do about it and half suggested a refund. I asked if they could cover the cost of the repair as its a repair which I wasn't expecting. They said someone would call me back........... So what would you expect Manheim to do in this situation if you have had something similar, and does anyone know of a cheap fix to sort the burn out? Thanks. And another thing, does anyone think the auction houses take deliberately dark/low resolution pics as a way of disguising issues as lots of the pictures seem such low resolution when you zoom in its hard to make out any damage which is there. (case in point my dodgy U grade Corsa but thats another story!) And another thing!.... seems when i bid on items online and set my max I have had 'hall bidders' keep bidding against me until i get to my max bid.Then a hall bidder bids above my max bid, and then somehow the last hall bid was cancelled as my internet bid has reached its limit so I then win the auction. Would the auctioneer run up the bids off the wall to my max bid and then retract the last one over my max so that i pay my max bid?