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Found 3 results

  1. Good morning fellow traders Im a London based dealer and like most traders out there we’re finding it’s a constant battle to buy resonably prices vehicles from auction to enable a reasonable profit. Can anyone tell me from their experience where in the UK is the best place to buy from auction, one would assume that the south east demands a premium? Also internet of physical auctions? Preference and why please? Your thoughts on a postcard please Lee
  2. Well I guess it's this time of year that we all look back at the joys and triumphs , wondering where 2015 went only seems 5 minutes since we were welcoming 2015 never mind waving goodbye to it. For me business has been challenging in 2015 compared to the 2 years of great results, so I have to think was it the market, was it me, the strategy ..we all do it and wonder what we did right /wrong or indifferent , so many things to take into account. In trying to see if I make next year absolutely awesome , I've been looking at Autotrader iControl system , lots of interesting data and a totally new way to sell cars, but one of the things that it shows is desirability of cars in areas, especially in my area, this would obviously help to sell cars faster and more profitable ! I also use and asked for some data on my stock , now you'd think that would match AT desirability chart , wouldn't you ? Both give me different information , call me old fashioned but I've always worked on what I think I can sell from my business profitably , doesn't always work as its gut feeling , not actual science. Majority of the time gut feeling works ,but the odd few just do not work out , but then again if it was that easy everyone would be selling cars! Curious to know · How's your year been in comparisons to say last 2 ? · How do YOU buy cars ? desirability ? value? ?? whats on offer at the time? · will YOU Change the way you buy/sell cars in the coming year compared to 2015? · Do YOU Price your car at 'the price' as opposed to higher and then lower it if it doesn't sell ? · Do you have an overage policy or till it sells? · What ONE thing did you learn this year that you believe will significantly change/help you business next year ? Thanks for your input guys, wishing you all a happy new year and a very prosperous 2016.
  3. Hello Everybody, This is my first post on here so please go easy! There seems to have been a recent boom in dealers cropping up all over the country selling prestige and supercars. I am talking in the £60,000 plus bracket here! I work for a franchised prestige dealer purchasing used stock for our 4 sites, these are vans anything up to 5t. Being in this role and attending auctions all over the country I have never seen many of these high end super cars knocking around in the yards?? Where do they get all their stock from? Is it a case of who you know and not what you know? Are they traded between dealers?? Any information on this matter would be appreciated.