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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, been told by BCA in order to get a Gold card I must have motor trade insurance, But someone else I know has a gold card but doesn't have motor trade insurance, they're saying without motor trade insurance I cannot get past the silver card, anyone else have a similar experience?
  2. Hello, I need your expertise. I was recently on a trip in Europe (Germany) and i decided to visit 2 BMW salons. And I was a little surprised because I noticed in them an exhibition of bags which are matched to the trunk of the customer's car. (I dont have photo of this display sorry I asked the dealer about it and he told me something like: "the point is that the bags are fitted to the trunk of the car" - or something. In short, the customer chooses a car and is buying also a matching set of bags for this car which he orders in the salon. Then the company which produce these individual sets,sends it next day to the customers home or salon. I found this sets in internet and company is calling KJUST The quesiton is what do you think about this idea? Do you know it? The cost of set is about 300 pounds but it was really good for me (quality). Or maybe you had such a display yourself? Is this worth cooperation?
  3. We are going to talk about some common facts about BMW that you should know. You will know the about full form of BMW, the history of its foundation and many more. What is the full form of BMW?
  4. Hello all, this is my first time posting on this forum! I currently own a Toyota Yaris VVTI-TR 1.33 2009 (Red). It's fully repaired and has only run 18000 miles! I'm finding it extremely difficult to get an idea of how much I can sell the car for on Gumtree, eBay etc. or get a valuation as most website don't take into account that the car is a CAT C. Is it realistic that I could sell the car for £2500? Thanks for reading.
  5. Hi guys, I’m new to the forum but hoping you can help. I attend a lot of track days and shows, I have several sets of wheels that I change on the car depending on if I am on a track, at a show or just on the road. I’m getting a little tired of the wheels that I’m storing or transporting getting knocked about and scratched. I’m after some good quality wheel covers to keep em safe. Does anyone have recommendations? I did find these which looked perfect, but it looks like they are just starting out and not selling yet ☹. I did sign up to their mailing list. Do you guys know of anything comparable to this?
  6. Hey, I've spent the last 6 months working on an app for checking the MOT History of any UK-registered vehicle. I released a similar app last year for Android called MOT History Check which exploded with support and feedback, especially from car dealers who used the app the most and sent emails requesting features. What I found was that casual car buyers were typically only using the app a few times while they were hunting for a new car, while car dealers were using it many times per day. With that in mind I tried to make CarKit more tailored to car dealers, with the ability to store lists of vehicles for selling/buying or set up watch lists. It has some additional features like vehicle valuations, tax status, tax band and tax cost. I was wondering if you'd be able to give me some feedback on the first version of the app. Car dealers are the primary users of the app so I'd greatly appreciate your thoughts on it. Thanks, Tom.
  7. Hi all, I've just started doing some research about car sales people and wondered if there was any sort of car dealer of the year competition or if its possible to find people who are considered the very best salesmen/women in the country. Would anyone want to suggest some names, or put themselves forward? I would like to speak to anyone really who has lots of ideas and opinions and passion about the trade, about cars, about selling. I can't say too much about who or what I am researching for at the moment but I can guarantee that I'm not trying to show the trade or any individuals in a negative light. I have just been tasked with finding some interesting personalities who live and breathe selling cars. Thanks for reading Graham
  8. This is a similar posting to my previous one but with an updated title, just in case people have overlooked my latest update on the first one, if that makes sense. We are an established TV production company with a track record in motoring. We are looking for some fresh on-screen talent. Is that you? We need the following: CAR DEALERS Charismatic car dealers who could turn a deal even if it’s away from their regular patch. We don’t mind about age, accent or experience. Perhaps you know someone who might fit the bill. To work on TV, it helps if you are larger than life and easy to like. MECHANICS Fun and knowledgeable mechanics who could make dull mechanical jobs come alive…men or women who have lots of ideas. Could you quickly diagnose a fault on an expensive sportscar? We don’t mind what you look like, how old you are…but you must have character. We are happy to look at teams of 2 if that’s easier. PETROL HEADS Are you involved in motoring with a busy life? We need characters who are watchable with captivating daily lives. It helps if those ‘people stories’ have a bit of drama, problems and resolutions. If you know someone with a smart-phone or a camcorder, why not send us a 30- 60s video telling us a little bit about yourself. Don’t try too hard to be a ‘presenter’ …try and be natural. If you think you might fit the bill, or know someone else who might, please get in touch in. We’ll need your name, number and e-mail address. Thanks for reading