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Found 20 results

  1. hi all, here at 365 we are an ever expanding recovery and transportation company looking to take on more work we are currently running a fleet of recovery trucks ranging from 2.5t up to 12t. we also now have on board two 6 car transporters and a 24t tilt and slide for transportation we are based in the northwest BB5 area and deliver our service to all surrounding areas bolton,preston,manchester ect.. we run through to york on a daily basis delivering cars to copart and would be more than happy to bring vehicles back for small car traders if any interest and very competitive price witch cannot be beaten. if this is something that my interest you please do not hesitate to contact us give us a call on 01254 236522 kind regards 365 road rescue
  2. Hi, I am a small car dealership looking for an affordable website solution. I am not very internet savvy but acknowledge the importance of having a good website and reaching out to people online. I wondered if you could all help me? How do I go about getting a website sorted for my business? What provider does everyone else use, and why? I need my website to be found online too so I imagine i'll need some sort of marketing to go alongside. Any ideas??
  3. Not sure if everyone is aware of this situation, I know that consumers get the protection when they are buying or paying for goods on their credit cars #section75 That's why I always use my credit card ,what I didn't realise is that even if a 'small ' portion has been paid on credit card on a vehicle the consumer has full rights ! how frightening is that ? Most of the deposits I take are on credit card, balance on debit card , now that small deposit of £250 gives them so much rights ! just think we all need to be aware , we all get the odd nutter who likes to take advantage of the situation. Learning everyday !
  4. Morning! The reason I joined this forum was to increase my knowledge about cars, and my first question is about buying a used car! I'm looking to purchase this VW Scirocco TDI CR GT 3dr for about £10,000 ( but I have some questions that I don't want to ask the sales people because I know they'll just BS me: Is this a good price for a VW Scirocco? Are there any benefits of buying second hand over new? Are there any better cars I can get for £10,000 Is there anything I should look out for when buying a used car? Good and Bad Any help muchly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  5. Morning! The reason I joined this forum was to increase my knowledge about cars, and my first question is about buying a used car! I'm looking to purchase this VW SciroccoTDI CR GT 3dr for about £10,000 ( but I have some questions that I don't want to ask the sales people because I know they'll just BS me: Is this a good price for a VW Scirocco? Are there any benefits of buying second hand over new? Are there any better cars I can get for £10,000 Is there anything I should look out for when buying a used car? Good and Bad Any help muchly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello, we are second year Industrial Design and Technology students at Loughborough University. We are currently working on improving the car interior in an ergonomic manner, we are interested in finding out what features high mileage drivers look for when purchasing their cars and the reasons behind the choice. Furthermore, in order for us to identity the existing problems when driving long distances in a standard car, we are hoping to gain perspective from the customers. Thank you for your time, please do not hesitate to ask any questions. Any feedback would be much appreciated.
  7. Car Values ! That old chestnut ! We all use various guides to value car s/ buy car s/sell cars ..but everyday its gets more and more challenging on not only what to buy m what to pay and then what to retail it for to make a workable margin. Find myself today question WHO is is really giving a TRUE VALUE of a car. Golf TDI BMT Match 5dr - 2015-15 -14000 miles VALUES AS Follows GG Trade £11970 Retail £13510 CAP Clean £12000 Retail £13695 Autotrader Retail £13759 In reality they are all very similar , a lot closer than many other cars I've checked On AT Prices start at £12395 / Loads at £12500 12/14000 miles - one owner On motors prices from £11999 with 17000 miles - One owner The low prices are mainly from car supermarkets / bid group - so does this mean they dictate what the retail market is ? I'm told auction prices are fetching cap clean + , don't forget the commission , transport etc etc , so how do we the independents compete ? As we all know customers who search these platforms will naturally do the ' price' checks but if they are selling at £1500/2000 less than the 'suggested' market price , surely these customers will travel and buy them ? ( I'm sure they will end up paying more with the bolt on's any way !) I'm sure the manufacturers of some these cars must be getting worried a Golf to depreciate circa 45% ?? ( 21500 new - trade circa 12000) ! Thoughts ?
  8. BE PART OF THE MOVEMENT! Launched in 2016, the ATA is a collective of quality, certified and self-audited vehicle dealerships which abide by a set code of conduct to form a group of trusted dealerships that the public can review and rely on. We make sure that only reputable dealerships are granted membership which allows us to build a collective organisation ready to challenge unethical market dominating forces charging extortionate listing and auction fees. The industry needs to be fair, ethical and most importantly a safe marketplace and at ATA we believe a change is coming. With your support as a quality dealership we will build buying power as a collective and become a force to be reckoned with. ATA are also building stock & search functionality for our members which will be available as a dealer to public and dealer to dealer trade platform at a fraction of the cost of current online listing services. Through building an organisation of trusted and quality dealerships we will have Strength in Unity! For information on membership, please visit our website.
  9. Easy way to know all cars models specifications .. Just download a simple app on google play store called World Motors Download it on your mobile and enjoy , hope it helps u and it's link on play store is
  10. What is the effectiveness of sharing cars for sale on Facebook & Twitter branded with your logo and colors?
  11. So we’re in the final week of February, Talking to lots and lots of dealers it’s been a tough month for leads, sales, profit (According to the majority!) So who, what do we blame – the climate, the stock, the advertising platforms i.e. Autotrader, Motors, eBay, Piston heads, local press, Google, Gumtree ,sales staff (for those who have staff!) or ourselves or maybe the weather – whatever we all blame it doesn’t change the fact we’re all not happy with the results. Sometimes I guess we need to look at what we are offering to our customers , I’m no marketing guru but I try and put myself into the customers shoes , IF I was looking for a car searched the net from where ever and eventually landed at the dealer website what do I want to see. Well believe me it’s shocking, dealers trying to sell cars with poor images , quality and quantity , dirty floor mats in the foot well, dirty cars, stains on the seats, flat tyre ( Oh Yes!) and the list continues .. Would YOU even bother to call or visit that dealer? NO! Then why do these dealers expect the customer to even call never mind visit or buy the car. Back to basics! Preparation and presentation has to be 1st surely? Now I probably go overboard with the number of images between 25/60 ! and a Full HD Video walk around of every car..But It SELLS CARS ! Only last night a customer collected a Galaxy and he told me about his experience, his words “ You would not believe the state of some of the cars I've seen , some dealers have 2/3 pictures and not even been valeted , when I saw the video of your car I knew you had nothing to hide , and that made me buy the car – I've not seen anyone else do that , think it’s a fantastic idea†I've sold quite a number of cars simply down to the video ( Now I should keep that secret to myself) In all honesty if it helps some of you guys sell more cars – fantastic ! Some of you may think waste of time and don’t have time to do them, that’s fine , some may be saying I sell loads without doing all these ..great continue with what works for you. Please feel free to check out my website and video’s AND Please shout if you think i could improve on anything – all feedback appreciated – positive or negative ! Happy Selling guys and remember keep smiling and enjoying what you do , most of all have FUN !
  12. Just seen this article! We know it goes it everywhere in the country - but this just shows the extent to the number of cars being sold - It affects us all - hence legit dealers are losing business / profits ! A car dealer has been handed a 12 week suspended prison sentence after selling a potentially dangerous car while posing as a private seller. Ian Blinkhorne of Elm Road, Stratford, pleaded guilty to the charges against him at Nuneaton Magistrates following an investigation by Warwickshire County Council’s Trading Standards team. The 51-year-old sold the Ford Ka to a Leamington woman after he had advertised the vehicle for sale on Facebook, The Leamington Spa Courier reported. It later failed an MOT test and a Trading Standards’ vehicle examiner identified a number of faults which made the car unsafe to drive. Among the issues were faulty power steering, seized brakes, excessive corrosion to the driver’s seat mounting and failed suspension.
  13. 'Under selling' How many of you are underselling your stock ? Strange question you may think? I've come across this again a few minutes ago with a customer I've been trying to source a car for, this time it's an Audi dealer selling a Q5 , BIG group , and bizarre how they must price their cars, I guess it's down to individual sites etc, however a quick look on their own website and prices all over the place. This particular car , Just arrived in to stock ( unit stocking suggests 07-09-15) No pictures on the website as yet , website says 40,000 miles - Actual Mileage 46,000m - Full spec not shown but has few more than what's mentioned ... advertised at £22000 - Customer told can have it for £20850 !! Big discount for a new car into stock for whatever reason ! now the numbers GG £19850 Retail £22650 ATM £19626 Retail £23550 CAP £18500 Retail £21900 One owner , full dealer history car , will come with full 12 Months Audi warranty , Now is it me or are they under selling the car ? Good colour Daytona grey / Black leather ! IS this why everyone is trying to compete with these deals ? or saying its quiet when you have a car similar but marked up at I believe higher price ? Has the dealer undervalued his own brand or do they know something we don't ? Any thoughts ?
  14. Whilst you have all been moaning and groaning about the latest Autotrader price increase we have been filling our boots with selling cars via Facebook. No I know what you are all going to say " we already DO Facebook" , but DOING Facebook is NOT enough, you have to learn how to master it and the persistently work with it until it starts paying off. Directly marketing customers, right down to age, gender, where they stay, what they like, even which TV programmes they watch.....I know it's crazy, but YOU can use this technology now! Yes you have to pay to get results, but trust me it's only a fraction of what you are paying advertising on Classified Adverts especially Autotrader. Now there are two ways to do this, either take the hard lonely path which takes about three years to master (this is what we did) OR take the easier more direct route which will normally take about 3 months to get results! Let me know if you want any help and I'll point you in the right direction. As Albert Einstein once said " Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results " Jim
  15. Strange two things have happened this week regarding Main Dealer service dept. 1st - Had a Hyundai serviced by main dealer this week , 2nd service - on time as its only done 5900 miles - got the car back going through the invoice for curiosity of breakdown of costs - replace spark plugs !! now looking at the list of ' 2 year /25,000 mile ' service technically its due but doesn't common sense come into the equation at times ? [ I didn't pay the full ' menu' price as I got a deal ] but when i booked it in surely the receptionist could have said about the spark plugs etc etc ! 2nd Just sold an MX5 to a customer and he asks me if the ' bottle for the puncture repair kit is up to date as its an MOT failure' I said I've never heard of that being part of the MOT. He went on tell me he's just had his Honda MOT'd at the main dealer and they rang him to tell him that would want replacing as its out of date for the MOT. [ The Mazda MX5 Bottle says best before 10/11 -serviced by Mazda and sold my Mazda Main dealer in 2012 , so you'd think they would have replaced it during the servicing or prior to selling to last buyer - wouldn't you? ] I just asked the workshop next door - they thought i's lost the plot as its nothing to do with the MOT [ Had to ask just in case new rules had crept in and I wasn't aware ] Any comments !
  16. Interesting and wanting to see what everyone thinks ! David @The_Marques_Man And Duncan @CarDealerDunc recently posted they inquired by email about possibly buying a car - / requesting info - But neither received a reply back from the dealers ! Could it be 1- The dealer didn't get the enquiry 2- why ? if they didnt 3- if they did why not respond? any thoughts - and how much value due to put on an email lead as opposed to a telephone lead?
  17. This has just been posted on #TCDUK : But I though just in case some of you are not on there its worth re-posting on here. Original post by Joe o'kane. Thanks Joe this has been doing the rounds for awhile but always a reminder of how vulnerable we can all get , especially with new /untrained/ gullible sales staff wanting 'that deal' ! "Below is a notification I received this morning from - this has happened in Northern Ireland, but I suppose it could happen anywhere ...... Dear all, Please be aware of a credit card fraud operation that is going on at the moment, targeting local car dealers. it's a very serious scam because the whole thing sounds plausible enough and they have already been successful in stealing some cars in Northern Ireland. The cases we have been told about were 'customers' phoning from Birmingham and surrounding area, looking to purchase vehicles via credit cards. The payments cleared via card terminal but were flagged up as fraudulent later by the real card holders. Apparently it often takes 2 or 3 weeks for this to happen and the money is still charged back, resulting in a huge loss to the car dealer. The fraudsters provided a copy of a fraudulent driving licence and insisted on a quick vehicle transfer to the mainland. Below are some mobiles, names and email addresses already used within this scam. Note : they will very likely be changing the names and numbers often, so this is not at all an exhaustive list. Adam Joe - 07466596667, 07440470664, email details – Hashi Musse - 07835203811, 07562695129, 07704375782, email details – If you have had this happen to you or have had this attempted and have any names, addresses, phone numbers, drivers licences or any details, please contact the investigating officer below. The PSNI are trying to find as much information as possible to help the police in GB to find the vehicles that have been stolen. Investigating officer to contact in PSNI is Constable Roger Williams &n dash; 07584282317 or emailroger.williams@psni.pnn.police "
  18. Very , very annoyed with a fellow motor dealer on ATM this morning! BIG group – 308 Favourites (IF That means anything these days! ) Typically they always put ‘offers over’ never a price, cars are physical – never get through on the phone to give a price and buy so have to simply email a bid and hope for the best. Very annoying at times as a conversation would be easier and you know if you’ve bought it or not. I’ve never had a reply back even when I’ve asked a couple of days later if I own or not! Last week I bid on a Passat and on the email I put ‘Offer is valid until close of business 17th March’ yesterday afternoon I got an email ‘ is it too late’ I replied No , is the car down to me? “Yes – here are the contact details of the branch where the car is†I emailed both (Group seller & sales manager at branch) so say I have a driver who can collect this morning, please email invoice, bank details etc. This morning no emails or faxes ! rang the dealer left message with receptionist to say PLEASE – can someone organise invoice etc as I don’t want the driver hanging around. Just got a call to say “ the group buyer had jumped the gun – they got a lot more than I’d offered –sorry†!!! Apparently they had a conversation last night /late pm about it ? so why not make a call or email me then – WHY wait until I’m chasing them ? The driver could have been there this morning at 8.00am waiting as I have a confirmation it’s down to me! How unprofessional ? and as for the 308 Favourites ..........
  19. How much difference do YOU put on a value of a car with & without service history? Customer came in last week to look at an Audi A3, Liked it didn’t have time to test drive and didn’t come in the car they wished to Part exchange BUT wanted the Audi, so they put a deposit on subject to test drive and me inspecting their car today ( One week from putting deposit on it) price for their car I had said between £5000 -£5500 ! Happy with those figures ! They’ve just been in want my car...but their car is worth the £5000 which they would accept, However the FSH – Mercedes B Class- has no service book – they have not removed it from the car since buying it 18 months a long , all other books present – How much adjustment would you make on the value of the car? Any? And would you hold the car for any further time whilst they go and see if Arnold Clark will supply the full service history which they thought the car had when they bought it ?
  20. I see Nissan is poised to release a more extreme version of the Juke NISMO at the LA motor show. And that got me thinking about the last one. At the time it struck me that the feisty engine and the various performance mods gave the Juke NISMO a dynamic character to match the car's relatively extrovert exterior. Everyone else on the planet seemed to pan it for falling short of the traditional hot hatches, though. Am I the only one with a soft spot for it?