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Found 1 result

  1. I cannot find my login so this looks like my very first post! Ive used the forum before and it has been very helpful! I have a customer who i believe is being unreasonable. He bought a 1990 bmw with 197,000 miles on the clock and is complaining to me about the following: - Coolant level sender being broken - The revs drop just below idle when you just rev the car. He says this is due to spark plugs, air filter and service being due along with the throttle body needing a clean. He bought the without seeing it, on the phone and had it delivered. There was huge demand for it because it was very cheap and the bodywork is spotless. He is now saying that i need to pay him £317 to pay for new spark plugs, air filter, cleaning throttle body, adjusting idle and the coolant sender, I think this is astronomical considering the car was £2000! I offered to pay £97 for the coolant sender but i told him i'm not prepared to pay for a service. the car wasn't sold with any indication of it being recently serviced. He is repeatedly sending me text messages with 'i suggest you send me the money otherwise ill go to small claims court' which i feel like he is trying to bully me into it. (fool) I have offered £97 and he has declined. Do you think i should let him take this to small claims court? As of today he is also claiming that it has an oil leak. but its just oil 'sweat' which doesnt really drop it has been under-sealed so it all looks greasy! Thanks in advance!