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Found 7 results

  1. Just spotted this article by Sophie about the number of complaints about used cars. "MORE than half of faulty used cars reveal their problems within a month of purchase" Would be interesting to see the list of faults, are they actual faults ? also what age/ price band are all these complaints? I saw a 'review' on a website a few weeks ago about a customer complaining about what was wrong with a car he'd bought for £895 - [Eight Hundred and ninety five pounds ] yes the car has to be road worth and a heap of junk , but what can you really expect for that price? So is it down to customer expectations ? We've all had cars perfect when we sell them and no reason the 'engine light' comes on - so that classed as fault ? Wrong use of fuel ? different type of driving?
  2. We all these leads , lets see how YOU would respond to this enquiry time I'll Let you know how I replied and what happened ! "Name Bob Thomson Message whilst car looks very attractive appears overpriced for year. what would be your best cash price if i travel to view car" This is the car : Umesh
  3. What an interesting conversation with a customer ! Rings about a car £9000 -, tells me the PX he has is being 'sold' at £9000 , How much would I do a deal to swap. His car is worth £7250 so I tell him I need £1750 to swap ! He says but you want to make profit on both cars , why are you being so greedy ? He says IF I sell my car for £9000, cause that's what they're selling for it would be a straight swap! Long story short I kept it very amicable - and explained I am in BUSINESS AND I NEED TO MAKE PROFIT OB BOTH cars , as they are individual deals! He said I thought you'd do me a favour !! I said that's fine I'd you a favour as long as you pay my wages as a favour back ! He's gone away to see if anyone else will do him a favour ..anyone want his number !
  4. I’ll throw this in and lets see what you guys think ! In reality ALL WE want is to advertise our cars for the cheapest method and get the best return /sales , but business constraints / open market /return on investment etc etc all dictate what can be done for what price. Also in reality WE Know Autotrader cannot bring down prices , So what can they do to make us all happy ! or how can they help us all ? magic wand – ideal situation- Fire away and lets see what ideas we can throw in , and just ,maybe just we can gain something from us all…. Thoughts Guys ?
  5. When I started in sales way back in 1983 I was told this ... " Take as much profit out of a deal as you can when you sell a car , so when they return with any problems you simply smile and put them right !" How true is that ? If you don't make profit you can't look after them - , Doesn't matter how little you've made the customer always thinks you're still making thousands anyway .. so you might as well make thousands and if they have a problem .. smile, look after them .which in turns makes them happy, repeats, recommendations ! { Was trying to attach an image but failed, failed, failed )
  6. Seems most car buyers make the same mistake ! price. Always looking at the cheapest - and as we have know it's not all about being the cheapest , but 'value' Here's an example customer walked in earlier and came out with this comment "gosh , your car looks expensive" I asked what was that comment based on ? simply that it was a "60 plate car" wow what a comment not knowing ANYTHING at all about the car simply the 'registration plate'. I said to him very politely , have a cup of tea and let me explain why YOU may think it's expensive, at 1st he wouldn't even consider listening to me, simply it looked expensive ! Determined and wanting to get his attention and not being argumentative I simply " you don't have a clue " Any way long story short , I explained and showed him the cost of all the factory fitted extras , just under £3000 , plus the FSH, Plus the outstanding condition , and that NO GUIDE Made any price adjustments for the extras ! I also went on to explain I'm a dealer - and not just working from home selling from the side of the road so you KNOW who you are dealing with giving him peace of mind and all the other benefits that go with buying from ME. Although I didn't sell him a car [ he wasn't in the market] he did express that he now understood a lot more about buying cars and apologised for his 'uneducated comment' . We all think we're an expert but without knowing the full facts how can anyone make comments on products without doing the homework. And I say to sellers of anything if you want to be the cheapest you're not giving your customers the best service or product.
  7. Thought I’d just mention this on here with all this adverse publicity about Citizens Advice and the number of complaints being received the customers can easily check a dealer’s reputation instantly! There are many on this forum who have grasped the importance of positive feedback , I have sold cars to new customers who have read positive comments about me and given them the confidence that they’re dealing with someone who actually cares about the business. For those not aware of why not check it out and see how it can benefit your business ? FREE trails available The site also shows some frightening ‘negative’ testimonials which will obviously have a negative impact on those not looking after their reputation!