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Found 3 results

  1. Morning Guys I think this might be useful to some of you. I was struggling to get a video embedded into my eBay listing. Managed to get some code to paste in using this tool but eBay immediately rejected it as 'active content'. So I did a bit of digging and found that there is an alternative on a site called 'Flipper Tools' which is much simpler and seems to work much better. You can find it here: You simply generate the code and copy it in the the HTML editor section. You can then switch back to the Standard Editor and add your text and position everything. The other benefit of using this one is that it *seems* to work on mobile devices too! Certainly works on my iPhone. Give it a try and let me know if it works on your device! Scrawf
  2. Hi all I'm wondering if any one has any information on any of the best deals for listing motors at the moment?? Are any providers listing sales or discounts on their listing fees? I'd be interested in Autotrader, Gumtree/eBay, Car Guru, and any others that you think are value for money... Cheers
  3. Lets see what WE all want or don't want from the likes of Autotrader, Motors, Carcliq, AA, RAC , eBay, Pistonheads +++ 100's more We moan and groan about each and everyone , be it cost ( of course too expensive! ) attitude, lack of leads (sales) - IF you had the opportunity to change / adjust anything on any of the platforms:- what chances would yo like to see and how would that help your business? what would encourage you to advertise with that co if you're not already doing so? what would make you move away IF you were already advertising with them ? Is there a better way that they should charge us dealers i.e. instead of per car or between range i.e 1-15 16-20 50-150 etc etc Do you believe some dealers get a better deal than you ? and why? What return would you expect on your investment ? YOU Don't have to name the platform's IF that makes you uncomfortable mentioning them by name on here! I'm just very curious to know your thoughts , and if you think similar to me. Don't be shy!