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Found 1 result

  1. Now I know there are LOADS of sceptics out there but let me tell you something for nothing, we ARE selling cars via Facebook! It's not been an overnight thing, it's been a carefully constructed strategy, hard work and persistence, but let me tell you, it's now FUN, EASY to carry out and it's now paying OFF! Yesterday (Saturday) I sold a GTD Golf at £14999 from a post on our Facebook page after many Direct Messages with a follower (who had never dealt with us before ) and a Subaru WRX at £28499 which we posted on FB a few weeks back with a GoPro video Road Test by myself again to a brand new customer to us! Not bad for two £13 promoted posts! Certainly much cheaper than AutoTrader. But before you all start logging onto FB to post a few quick adverts, you really need get your strategy right! One of the problems you encounter is the fact that Facebook, like Google continue to move the goal posts so you need someone on your side who knows where to move the goals posts to and that is where we have been lucky BUT you can be too because I have convinced our "goal post shifter' and 'Digital Guru' to share these secrets. It has taken us over 3 years for to get the results we are having now from FB but our man "Neil Weightman' of Neil Weightman Digital Solutions is about to packet and launch what he has taught us so YOU can get those results sooner. Neil is going to launch his 'Facebook for the Forecourt' Package at this years Car Dealer Conference, so if you ever needed a reason to go this is it!