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Found 10 results

  1. Im looking to buy a VW Transporter that is currently on Irish plates. It was a UK (N.I) registered van, then went to southern Ireland for a short period. I do know the original UK reg no but that does not exist any longer, so if it can be done using the chassis no or maybe the old UK number id happily throw one of you guys a pint or two. Thanks
  2. As usual its that time of the month when our friend Philip Nothard CAP- HPI Does the survey , only takes a minute or so can you please help ? Results will be shared once survey has ended. Thanks in advance. much appreciated umesh
  3. That time of the month if you guys can help Philip Nothard CAP – HPI – It really is greatly appreciated This is the link to this months. See PDF For full last months results. IF anyone wants the report earlier than posted here – drop me an email with your details and I’ll pass these on to Philip and he’ll sent it directly – Survey overview summary (results attached)- Sorry unable to load pdf - I can email this if you email me • For the third consecutive month, this year, March has seen a lower number of respondent reporting an increase in physical footfall activity comparing it to the previous month against the results we observed in 2016. With 45% citing an increase this month, whilst this figure was 50% in March 2016, and 34% indicated it had declined, whereas this was 24% last year. • Online activity has followed a similar trend year-to-date as the footfall, with those reporting a decline compared to the previous month. However, 49% of respondents indicated an increase compared to the 50% in March 2016 and those citing a decline rose from 18% to 26% in 2017 and the dealers experiencing little or no change declined from 33% in March 2016 to 25% this month. • The respondent’s reporting compression in the retained margin rose for the third month this year, with 39% in March 2016 to 43% this year. Although, those experiencing an improvement increased from 20% to 23%, and the remaining 34% reported the margins to be about the same. • March 2017 has seen 28% reporting that stock availability has improved since the previous month compared to a higher percentage in March 2016 of 38%. In line with last year, 45% said, it they had seen little or no change, and the remaining 28% felt it had worsened since February. • The results for finance penetration has seen an increase in those responding citing an increase for the third month this year. With 34% reporting penetration improved compared to 32% in March 2016, and those indicting a decline had reduced from 21% to 18% this month. Those experiencing little or no change remained in line with last year at 47%. • For the second consecutive month, those reporting that consumer demand has worsened increased, with 33% compared to 21% in March 2016. However, respondents experiencing an increase remained similar at 41% compared 45% in 2016, and those citing demand to be about the same declined from 34% in March 2016 to 26% this month. • dependent on the manufacturer of representation, as those who have entered the market, have varying strategies and relationships with their dealers.
  4. As usual your help with the survey for Philip Nothard - CAP-HPI -Would be greatly appreciated - as usual results will be shared , - One very interesting question ... Thanks in advance Umesh
  5. That time of the month please , A quick survey for Philip Nothatd -CAP-HPI - , Only takes a couple of minutes and no personal details- AND He always shares the very useful data with us. Thank you everyone! Umesh
  6. That time of the month if you could please done the quick survey for Philip Nothard - CAP ( Twitter if you don't already follow him - @PhilipN_cap_hpi ) He always shares the data with us .. Thanks in advance Umesh
  7. That time of the month when our friend Philip Nothard Black Book Editor – Retail & Consumer Specialist needs just 2 Mins of your time for a quick survey and always he shares the market sentiments. It helps us all understand the market Thanks Umesh
  8. Good Morning Guys, Yes its that time of the month again , the Survey for dealers to help dealers like us. Phil Nothard doing his regular survey to see what the market is doing , literally takes 2 minutes if you could please help - the answers are anonymous too Thanks in advance , Appreciated. Umesh
  9. Just found out today that our HPI check price had gone up in March and we were not informed. Currently we are paying £3.65, If id known I would have reverted back to Autotrader's Experian check through dealer portal which is at £3.50 (I also noticed you can add a CAP valuation for 60p and Glasses for 50p) As you can imagine HPI will not budge on price so they've lost our business... Now we have the RAC as a new player on the market, so for you dealers that are unaware, the cheapest option which offers the same service is the RAC passport check... This is priced for us at £2.99 as we do under 5,000 checks Pricing -1 - 5,000 £2.99 5,000 - 10,000 £2.49 10,000 - 25,000 £1.99 25,000 - 50,000 £1.49 50,000+POA Hope this has saved at least one of you guy's some money!
  10. Not sure if everyone has seen this ? the adverts will now show CAT C & D , But as we all know if the 'person- dealer' doesn't use registration number they will still be able to 'by pass' the system ! but at least they're listening ...