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Found 5 results

  1. For those interested in reporting what's happening at the sharp end of the industry - Click here As we are now firmly in September and the end of Q3 - focus is very much of used stock availability and the balance between supply and demand. Impact of WLTP on used car supply through the remainder of 2018 and into 2019 remains to be seen. For July's market overview, please click the link below. Click here Thanks in advance and feel free to share.
  2. With a great deal challenging the industry as we approach the end of the 2nd quarter of the year. Reports across the network are very diverse with regards the new and used activity, although in general as always proving resilience to the external pressures. As you will notice, I have maintained the core of these surveys, as the trends and analysis remain the key market indicators for the industry. I have however expanded the coverage of sentiment and will review monthly, and incorporate key industry topics, as they become relevant. Please feel free to comment where relevant, as the individual views/sentiments are very useful to understand the trends in more detail.If I can support with any specific market feedback/insight, please don't hesitate to contact me directly, and I will certainly endeavor to assist where possible.Please feel free to share through the industry forms and media platforms and appreciating the timing, any participation is gratefully received. I will attempt to close the Survey this Wednesday 6th June. Click here
  3. Its that time of the month guys and girls .. if you could kindly help Our friend Philip Nothard CAP-HPI will share the results Thank you in advance. umesh
  4. Not sure who’s seen this video by Marc Thornborough – Brand Director AutotraderI think its a great video and insight to what Marc and his team are doing back at base Its just over 6 minutes and well worth watching !Would be great to get some feedback , and did you know what exactly went on at AT – HQ?
  5. All, You may have noticed the 'odd' survey results being shared, and I would like to give you the opportunity to have your say and join in. I will post the results through Social Media and this forum once complete - with this being the halfway stage of the year; I will collate the year-to-date trends once June results are in. If you wish to be part of continuous market insight and sharing of data/intelligence, please feel free to email me Furthermore, if you wish to receive the previous survey results, please let me know. Many thanks in anticipation and hope you find the insight useful. Philip