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Found 2 results

  1. OK Some of you wan't to stay anonymous [ for your own reasons , privacy and all that .. or part time MI5 functions] but personally I think it would be good if everyone on here showed their Name / web link / email / tel no as a minimum ? may be picture if you want and twitter name ! just so that every can get to know a bit more about the other business ? Any Thoughts ? umesh
  2. Manufacturers -Logos, Names ! Just seen a story on AM About a Jaguar specialist who is being perused by Jaguar for using ‘JAGUAR’ IN HIS TRADING NAME ! I can fully understand manufacturers wanting to protect their’ brand’ and ensure that standards are not compromised to customers , and non ‘franchised’ dealers don’t pose as ‘franchised dealers’ so customers don’t get mislead! I see so many images of ‘used car dealers’ with ‘manufacturer’s logos’ all over their business ‘s . Many years ago I was asked to remove a couple of ‘logos’ off my website and Yellow pages advert. I immediately removed the logos off the website , BUT refused to remove the ‘images’ of ‘logos’ off yellow pages , I explained that these were not ‘misuse’ of logos put images of ‘cars/car grills’ that I either own or have owned and will not be removing then off any advertising or marketing material. Lovely letter back from the manufacturer thanking for the removal and stating that I was right and no further communication was necessary! { i was purely picked on because the ‘local’ dealer was performing poorly and implied I was taking the business away !- nice compliment that I’m a one man band and they ‘were’ the main dealer with a multimillion pound latest showroom ‘} Would love to hear views from BOTH sides! I’m ready to get shot down!