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Found 3 results

  1. Yes we have talk about Autotrader ! So everyone by now would have had 'the letter' followed by possibly a phone call about the removal of DD Discount-! how does it affect you ? any thoughts on the matter?
  2. Very , very annoyed with a fellow motor dealer on ATM this morning! BIG group – 308 Favourites (IF That means anything these days! ) Typically they always put ‘offers over’ never a price, cars are physical – never get through on the phone to give a price and buy so have to simply email a bid and hope for the best. Very annoying at times as a conversation would be easier and you know if you’ve bought it or not. I’ve never had a reply back even when I’ve asked a couple of days later if I own or not! Last week I bid on a Passat and on the email I put ‘Offer is valid until close of business 17th March’ yesterday afternoon I got an email ‘ is it too late’ I replied No , is the car down to me? “Yes – here are the contact details of the branch where the car is†I emailed both (Group seller & sales manager at branch) so say I have a driver who can collect this morning, please email invoice, bank details etc. This morning no emails or faxes ! rang the dealer left message with receptionist to say PLEASE – can someone organise invoice etc as I don’t want the driver hanging around. Just got a call to say “ the group buyer had jumped the gun – they got a lot more than I’d offered –sorry†!!! Apparently they had a conversation last night /late pm about it ? so why not make a call or email me then – WHY wait until I’m chasing them ? The driver could have been there this morning at 8.00am waiting as I have a confirmation it’s down to me! How unprofessional ? and as for the 308 Favourites ..........
  3. Radio Advertising Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on Radio advertising! Normally I don’t listen to commercial radio (because of the ads !! ) but thinking about giving it another shot – locally, but this morning I listened to a couple of car dealer ads. Interesting one is a national group – advertising new Fords with pay half today – then nothing for two years –then pay the other half – no interest charges! 2nd Mercedes Benz UK offer on all used C & E Class models with £1000 contribution towards finance deals BUT the cars MUST be over 90 days in stock! Any thoughts ?