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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I am a small car dealership looking for an affordable website solution. I am not very internet savvy but acknowledge the importance of having a good website and reaching out to people online. I wondered if you could all help me? How do I go about getting a website sorted for my business? What provider does everyone else use, and why? I need my website to be found online too so I imagine i'll need some sort of marketing to go alongside. Any ideas??
  2. Hi Everyone, My name is Scott and I am here for some input from you guys towards a car dealer platform that I am currently developing. I am a young web developer and I am in the early stages of creating a platform that will allow car dealers to have their own website to display their current stock. I am looking for information on what additional features a car dealer would want from such platform and I thought what better place to come for some experienced insight than here. So what features would you like to have on such a platform? These may be features that are already out there (on platforms such as clickdealer) or totally new concepts that you think would make this platform of more value to you as a dealer or even help save time. This doesn't only need to be related to features, it could be how you would like the website to look etc. Please feel free to let your imagination run wild as all it can do is help me in creating a platform that will be of value to you guys. For those that already have a website, tell me what do you love about it? what do you dislike about it? What could make it better? I would like to stay in touch with you all throughout the development of this platform and keep you informed of releases and even partner up with some of you to try out the platform so you can let me know what you think about it. Ideally I want to provide a product that is of great value, and ease of use at a great price. I hope to hear from you guys soon. Regards, Scott
  3. Anyone got this? who could it be ? any thoughts? We are conducting a confidential and anonymous survey of people who use classified online car advertising sites. We're asking for a 'no holds barred' response to a questionnaire which will take just a minute to complete. Just click here: If we hear what you think - confidentially - we think we can improve services to you - cost, response, service levels. Just click here This survey is blind. You don't know what company is asking for the information because we want your honest and frank opinion. Once you complete the survey, we won't know who completed it. That means you can say what you really feel about online car advertising sites. So please, click here and do the survey online. Thank you! Please note: If you do not wish to receive further emails from us, please click the link below, and you will be automatically removed from our mailing list.