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Found 6 results

  1. I found myself can't have interest in buying manual car. Maybe because I am not good at driving manual even though I can drive it. Will this be a problem as a trader? Is it possible to keep all the stock in Auto only? What is the pro and con if I really want all Auto? Silly question, but I really thinking of it. Just a thought. Thanks.
  2. Hi All, Really struggling this week to buy any worth the money stock, anyone else having the same issue? We're using A4C, Dealer, Sytner, Local Auctions and trawling through private ad's and I've only managed to buy 1 in the past 10 days, was hoping to buy 4/5! We can stock around 25-28 here and we're currently only holding around 19. The majority, priced between £2500 to £6500. I work backwards on everything so I've made a spreadsheet where I can input my screen price, prep&collection costs and that will give me my max bid. Not sure if I'm pricing too cheap or trying to be too greedy with my margins but I'm struggling. Watching between 40-60 daily online, probably bid on 10 p day avg but no luck! Anyone else in the same boat or have any guidance? Thanks -Kelly-
  3. Hi guys, First post here and full disclosure, am not a dealer, but have been looking to dip my toes into creating a software product for dealers. I've been working on the space for 9 months, I have some experience in retail businesses but not the motor trade, so I would really value your thoughts as potential customers down the line - I don't currently have anything to sell. My question is this: I consistently hear about issues with over-stocking and surplus inventory etc. I know that isn't every dealership, especially the smaller and more nimble independents, but I'm wondering how big an issue this really is. If you don't sell a car for 30 (60, 90?) days, do you write off the cost of the time that car has spent sitting on your forecourt? ie depreciation, stock funding costs, forecourt costs etc? Or do you just write it off as a general cost of business? Other than marking down the car, do you do anything about it? Obviously you try to avoid it, but what do you do with the lemon(s) you can't shift? Straight to auction? Is this a big deal? Thanks guys, really appreciate any thoughts, Cheers
  4. Hello Everybody, This is my first post on here so please go easy! There seems to have been a recent boom in dealers cropping up all over the country selling prestige and supercars. I am talking in the £60,000 plus bracket here! I work for a franchised prestige dealer purchasing used stock for our 4 sites, these are vans anything up to 5t. Being in this role and attending auctions all over the country I have never seen many of these high end super cars knocking around in the yards?? Where do they get all their stock from? Is it a case of who you know and not what you know? Are they traded between dealers?? Any information on this matter would be appreciated.
  5. I'm NOT Complaining at all... BUT What's happening to the motor trade , particularly the new car dealers [ Franchised ] , I don't know if it's the sales staff or the management , but I am very grateful as they are doing me a massive favour in obtaining some very, very nice cars. But I was under the impression that WE as dealers should be making it easy for the customer to buy a new car , easy changeover ALL in one easy transaction ? Let me get to the point ' Cash for cars' lot of dealers are moaning that they can't get their hand on nice, genuine cars, seems lots selling to 'cash for cars' type website here are a few extracts from my conversations with customers who I have bought cars from · Land Rover Dealer - to customer with a desirable BMW " You're better off selling it yourself , we won't give you the best price for your car , I suggest WBAC " · Mercedes Dealer to the customer with a Volvo " we will only sell your car to the trade i suggest you sell it yourself as you'll get more than my boss will give you " · Skoda Dealer " sell it to WBAC We don't really want it - A very desirable one owner Nissan , whilst i was collecting the Nissan his daughter came out and said would you be interested in the Audi A3 , I Said funnily enough I was just going to say I'd be interested when it comes for sale - She explained she was in the Audi dealer the day before having an MOT and asked how much against new/x-demo A3 - They told her " sell it yourself it's done too many miles and we wouldn't really give her the best price " - It's an A3 2.0TDI S Line Black Edition S-Tronic 2011- With 45000 miles FASH - · I can give various other examples , what is going on with the dealers ? As I've said I'm not complaining as I'm getting some amazing cars but seems the dealers expect the customers to do all the work and simply sit there order taking ! · any Thoughts ?
  6. Hi all, I though it could be interesting to hear where you get your stock from, the things you like about various options but more interestingly the things that annoy you, cost you time & money and you wish could be avoided. I'm guessing many of you use auctions and trade-to-trade sites but what about other sources and what would you change about them if you could? Chris.