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Consumer Rights Act 2015

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23 minutes ago, BHM said:

An offer to unwind the contract that cuts absolutely no ice with a judge if the customer doesn’t want to.

I know of two traders who’s defence was based on “I’ve offered a full refund but it was rejected”. Both got the same brush off & ended up paying out handsomely for a list of absolute trivial items but both were fussy & adversarial customers.

You are correct about calling a punter’s bluff, tbh a simple “f.o., stop extracting the urine” often suffices :D Of course, as always if you smell a difficult punter don’t sell to them in the first place. 

I’ve never tested it in court (nor would I want to) but it’s what I’ve been advised. I guess it depends on the detail of the case and how much loss the customer may have incurred in addition to the purchase. On the odd occasion Ive found it necessary to offer a refund they either bite your hand off or disappear off for 6 months only to call you back to try and take you up on it!

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4 hours ago, Arfur Dealy said:

Clearly not present at the point of sale, so a rejection is out of the question. You have one opportunity to repair, but if you offer a warranty repair it doesn’t count as a statutory repair. 

Having the one opportunity to repair, Im guessing thats after its would have been agreed that the fault would have been there at the point of sale.  If the fault was not there at the point of sale then CRA15 should not kick in? 

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