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Wish I had kept my mouth shut :(

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Called Insurance broker yesterday to enquire about adding additional "casual" drivers to my policy - I had this option as well as lending out courtesy cars when I had the pitch but apparanetly it has changed - all drivers need to be on the payroll nowadays - fair enough, I accept that but.....

In my infinite wisdom and as I had been on hold for so long, I asked Autonet to change my trading name on the policy.  Started as a sole trader in February and paid insurance in full upfront; I have since incorporated the business and used something other than my own name - a brand if you like.

There has been no changes to the premises, drivers, phone numbers, address, indemnity levels etc etc etc, just a name change.  As I am now a Ltd company, that'll be +£508 for the remainder of the policy Sir. 

I said, cancel the policy then, refund me and I will shop around.

She said, I can do that Sir but as a fully paid up Tradewise customer, they will charge you 75% of the annual premium.

So I am bolloxed then?  Can you do anything?

She said, on this occassion we will not charge you our £37 admin fee (this is the only reason I hadn't said anything sooner because I didn't want to pay an admin fee), so that'll be £471 Sir to pay in full now (which I did of course).

She went on to say that I have an all singing all dancing 4* policy which covers are far broader range of vehicles, which is why it is so expensive.  Great I said, are motorcycles covered - no she said, that'll be extra.


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That was an expensive phone call, however could hve been more expensive if you needed to claim and the refused on the fact you didnt declare. I changed something minor on my last policy with a month to go and its cost me a oner

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