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Lets see what WE all want or don't want  from the likes of Autotrader, Motors, Carcliq, AA, RAC , eBay, Pistonheads +++ 100's more

We moan and groan about each and everyone , be it cost ( of course too expensive! ) attitude, lack of leads (sales) - IF you had the opportunity to change / adjust anything on any of the platforms:-

what chances would yo like to see and how would that help your business?

what would encourage you to advertise with that co if you're not already doing so?

what would make you move away IF you were already advertising with them ?

Is there a better way that they should charge us dealers i.e. instead of per car or between range i.e 1-15 16-20 50-150 etc etc

Do you believe some dealers get a better deal than you ? and why?

What return would you expect on your investment ?

YOU Don't have to name the platform's IF that makes you uncomfortable mentioning them by name on here!

I'm just very curious to know your thoughts , and if you think similar to me.

Don't be shy! :)

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I'm not an autotrader hater but if I could change anything other then the cost it would be make there packages easier to understand. I have no idea what I can add or take off to make it more cost effective. Also the switch to using Glass's hasn't enhanced the product at all. As i'm spending circa £15k a year with them it would be nice to see a rep rather then it be phone based.


Motors seems a good base but the enquiry level doesn't quite seem to be where they claim. I've been with them a month and not 1 clear cut sale as yet despite a certain level of enquiry. The fact they use CAP is good and you can speak to a rep.


If you mixed the two together you may get a prefect balance !!!

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I am with Gavin. Autotrader's packages and price bandings are so confusing. I don't understand at all. They make all the other aspects of their service really easy to use and intuitive. They make it really easy to see how responsive your adverts are doing so why don't they make the pricing structures more transparent. Why can't they offer pay per lead advertising ?


I have been trialling Motors for a few months and surprisingly, getting more response than AT. 


I know for a fact that other dealers get better deals than others. I was with one rep and paying a certain amount , and then I got allocated a different rep. After he stepped in and had a look at what I was getting and what I was paying for he told me that he could lower my bill AND include extras . So now I pay less than I did before and get more in my package ! 

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I talked to my Autotrader rep (phone based) today. She had to phone me back as even she couldn't fully understand the packages!!!


The big con is that they price protect you on certain products, so if you remove them and then decide you want them back on the price can almost double, seem like they are trying to scare you into not removing them !!!!

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