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Hello Everyone!

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Hi guys,

Just joined and thought I’d give a brief intro before I start firing off questions and (hopefully) contributing to the forum.

I’ve been in the motor trade for around 12 years, starting as a sales exec at a used car site where I learnt the trade for around 3 years. We were trained in the Pendle system which someone mentioned the other day - brought lots of memories back. Definitely seems an outdated method these days!

I then moved into various non car sales 9-5 jobs but always sold cars as a hobby on the side. This allowed me to learn a very steep learning curve without relying on the income as I had a salary.

At the start of the year I left my 9-5 and used the money I’d built up to start full time on my own from home. So far, so good with 2 good months and 2 average months. I mainly stock higher mileage, well looked after executive estates and saloons

Although I’m not new to the trade I’m still learning week on week and I think I’ve a long way to go but when I look back at how I used to approach selling cars its night and day.

Finally, a big thanks to everyone who contributes to the forum and gives their advice for free. I’ve been reading for over a year and from that I’ve implemented the following changes purely due to the Forum:

Photos in great location - stood back and zoomed in

PDI and MOT on everything 

Stopped making disastrous buys at UKGR when I read where the stock was from on here

Took a less scattergun approach to buying stock and tried to build a consistent stock profile

Added more detail to my adverts, plus probably lots of other things I’ve learned from this forum!

All this has made a big difference to my margins.

Anyway, i’m probably rambling on now but I look forward to interacting and continuing to learn, plus I hope to contribute where I can



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23 minutes ago, SouthernTrader said:

Thanks Row

Hi @DBDlloyds I’m based near Southampton. I also have a question for you which I hope you might be able to help me with! I’ll reply on your thread. Cheers 

No problem,

I have replied...

Cheers Dean

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Welcome and thanks for the great intro!

It sounds like you are/will do well. Of course, let us know how you’re doing too and we’ll all be glad to help out when we can I’m sure. 

Southampton is not a million miles from me and is a wash with (ahem) shall we say ‘dealers’, so you will have a great opportunity if you do it better than the also rans  Some good people too before the Southampton Massive get on at me ;o)

I like that you’ve honed in on a niche of higher mileage estates. Good idea and good luck to you. 

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OK, I am quite local and sometimes struggle placing 75k+ 3-5 year old stuff as we try to only retail cars still under manufacturers warranty.  

Will give you a shout if anything a little older turns up.

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