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I read with interest all the comments , mostly negative about Autotrader , their attitude, poor response, costs , and so forth , I'm ready to get my head shot off but here goes , some questions if I can get some truthful answers ..

·         Are you making more or less profit from car sales than you were last year?

·         Are you selling  more or less cars than last year?

·         Are you getting more or less leads from Autotrader?

·         Why do YOU think you are getting less leads from AT?

·         Who or what type of business do YOU think is taking sales away from you?

·         Do you feel the used car market is very buoyant out there BUT you feel you are missing out on the piece of the action ?

·         IF you dropped advertising on AT -Would it affect your business ( Yes I know it will save you a fortune every month on bills ! }

·         HOW do you feel AT can help your business (without being able to lower the prices!)

I'm with you guys the costs every month is crippling , but personally I've never had issues with attitude , or response from AT team, always been helpful and quick responses , yes sometimes I don't like the answers but that's business !

final thought , is that the 'used car' market is getting crowded with more and more dealers selling especially on line, non 'legit' sellers taking OUR business away  or we're trying to compete on price = less profit PLUS cars being more complex costing us more to repair = less profit again.

As mostly small independents we don't have 2nd/3rd avenue of income i,e servicing & repairs, added products so totally relying on 'car sales' , where as the bigger dealers/supermarkets etc get that extra top up.

Are we looking at someone to blame?  

Don't forget the new legislation coming into force 1st October !

Just found my September 2003 -AT Contact £92.50 per week ! #GoodOldDays :) 

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Over a year without AT now and we are definitely selling as many cars as we were but saving a hefty bill every month! Most of our cars are priced between £2,500 &  £7,000. 

We did try for a few months shortly after cancelling AT but although their service & attitude was far superior, the sales never came through them.

We still do 20+ with eBay motors pro and the local papers which works fine for us !


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