Apart from a discount... what incentives do you feel work

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15 minutes ago, tradegirl said:

My question is, why are they now dead? What you been doing to them?

Killing them 

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On 10/9/2019 at 11:06 AM, chrishowie said:

In the 80's my father in law tells a great story about buying 20 large TV's (in colour!?) and offering them free with any car purchased that month!!

He said he ended up with 19 of the TV's as everyone said, just knock the extra £££ off the price of the car....

Anyone else been left with Autogylm kits or security locks they just couldn't give away as an incentive or have you found free 12 month RAC cover works?!

Just a bit of fun : )


I remember there was a dealer who offered free videos with every car in the dim and distant, that is the machines, not tape :D i have tried krooklocks, alarms, free mot for life [ the cost of mot, returned to me, i took it for mot, they normally failed ;) ]

but top n bottom is now i just say, no gimmicks here, just service and quality:ph34r::P 

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