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Audi A1 or Ford Fiesta

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Hi! I’m a first time poster and I was hoping someone could help. I’ve asked about through my family and friends and they are definitely

‘Badge people’ so I can’t trust their opinions lol


I bought a 2016 Audi A1 Sport 1.4 TFSI with a panoramic roof (you don’t

See these on many a1’s at all so it really stands out in real life) and special alloys from Audi in September 2019 


Anyway, I absolutely love this car 


•it’s SO nippy! (My brother thinks it’s faster from Setting off that his car. A black edition Audi A5 s something lol. I’m Not so sure but

I agree it does FEEL faster)

•The handling is amazing,

•It’s really solid and no rattling.

•looks amazing


This car will Be for a long time and I will take great care of it so I want it to suit and be right for me. (I bought a 2015 Renault Clio in 2019 too but it was giving me anxiety because it rattled like, well, a rattle. Anyhow. My issues with the Audi. The inside is crap. The screen looks like an old Nokia 3310 quality. It’s so so small, 3 doors and I get so stressed when people Get in the back in case they scratch the paint lol. My friends asked me why such a gorgeous car was so old fashioned inside with the knobs and stuff lol. It doesn’t even have parking sensors which my clio did (I thought they were stupid at first but now I really miss them). The roof is amazing and people turn and stare at my car if it’s off because It does make it look even better. However, that roof blinded me to the fact that the car had 55,000 miles (59 now) when I bought it 1 precious owner bought from Brand new) and it’s already took a huge chunk off the value of the car. So my question is - should I sell it for a 2019 Ford Fiesta Ecoboost 1.0 S Line in Magnetic, Black or Frozen White. They have got everything I want in a car and I can get a 2019 one for about 12,500-13-900 (been looking on car wow, Auto trader etc any suggestion would be great) as brand new they are like 23,000 no chance lol I would be paying in cash the excess from my Audi too

My no interest or anything? Would I be “pffft, going from an Audi to a ford”Like my friends

Have laughed . Peer pressure lol. 


Also, does anyone have one do they rattle? I read something about a rubber heater hose on here too, but if it’s a 2019 and the one who had the plastics ones instead of a rubber one the 2019’wont be affected anymore or should I still

Make sure if I decide to go for it?


Sorry for waffling but look forward to some helpful responses. 


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Do you like the Fiesta more than your Audi?

Yes = Buy the Fiesta.

No = Keep your Audi.

This is a forum for car dealers, not car reviewers. Our favorite cars are the ones that are sold.

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