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Advice for a stupid guy...

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I've been a long time lurker on here for ages and have finally got round to signing up.

I have been in car sales all my life and now work from home, Not on a particularly massive scale but more of that later.

My profile name is along the lines of The Secret Footballer, Not that I'm doing it on the quiet, being shady and avoiding paying tax, insurance etc!

I think I'll do a proper intro on a separate thread if thats ok, I've got lots to tell and would appreciate any advice or thoughts anyone on here could give but like I said, more of that later.

My first bit of advice I need is this, I had a car stolen on Friday night.

I got out of it to pop something through the letterbox of my mechanic, turn round and see my car driving away. I'm stupid I know, left the keys in it which is something I never do but thought no one was around. I was wrong.

I reported it to the police and don't think I'll ever see it again. heres the questions though......

Car is in trade, Should I now go online and register it in my name from the time I got it?

Its not a massively expensive car and I dont think I'll bother claiming on my trade insurance, Do I have to tell them though?

Should I cancel the tax DD?

Has anyone got any other thoughts on what I should or shouldnt do?

Finally, These are tough times and I hope everyone on here isc coping the best they can.

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What is the approx value of the car. Trade value? 

Also what is your insurance excess? 


IF taxed and it looks like it is I would add it to MID as it's a legal requirement. You just have to have it on the MID if it's taxed. 

I would notify the police and get a crime ref number for the insurer. I would then notify the insurer and (depending on the car value and excess amount!) make a claim. This is all to protect YOU if the car gets involved in an accident or another crime. Notifying the insurers is important if you put the car on the MID and notifying the police is a must. I don't see any harm in cancelling the road tax DD. 

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Definitely register it in your name.

With it being in trade it would be very easy to get a logbook for it.

Have you posted anything on social media?

The police might be able to advise of an appropriate page.


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