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36 minutes ago, trade vet said:

Learned to drive in Reliant Regal 3 wheelers when I was 16 using my motor cycle licence.I rarely had my own car although I did have a nipple pink Cortina 1600E ( with an 8 track stereo) for a short while.I was never interested in owning a top car although I could afford one in 1972 basic wage £10 but I was earning £150 per week.We worked long hours and on Sat and Sunday doing 20 was normal.

My dad used to fit 8 tracks in a lot of is cars remember him having one set up in the garage there still a couple in his shed and a load of 8 track cassettes he has dementia and Alzheimer's now so might dig them out sometime for him see if I can get a player working or pick one up off ebay so he can hear his old music again 

when I was younger I used to like a nice car now I'd run around in anything remember my mate having an Audi Rs he always drive fancy stuff and all the young auctions drivers loved it to me it was just a car think it comes from the buying and selling . A guess it's the  with houses and that too etc as well 

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