Email marketing - thoughts, tactics?

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Been lurking for a while, but here goes...


I'm interested on hearing views on dealer email marketing.


Just about every other industry likes to collect email addresses for updates etc on their websites but I don’t see this on many dealer websites...


I can see that perhaps emails might be more effective for MOT / servicing reminders but what about stock updates?


In the spirit of full disclosure, I work in digital marketing but am just trying to get a handle on how the trade uses email. I had a word with James and he gave me the green light to ask.


Any thoughts, opinions, tactics?


Thanks in advance 



Bonus feature: up for answering any digital related questions if you have any. Drop me a PM. My way of saying thanks for helping me out.


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i've used email marketing for a quiet a number of years , I also try and capture additional names/email address form my website .. some leave details , most don't bother - I did have an 'exit' pop up asking if they hadn't found what they came to the website , would they like any help in find that car ? , take up wasn't brilliant, so have only just removed it. All customers who buy from me get put on the list , I use mailchimp - its easy, and FREE ! 


People tell me they love receiving my emails ! They're not all about sell, sell, sell :) 



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thanks Umesh

Interesting, wonder whether the more specialised the search (aka an enthusiast type customer) the more likely a visitor is to sign-up to find the 'perfect car'?

Building a relationship with customers that's not all sell, sell, sell is often forgotten. The easiest way to get a encourage unsubscribes I find...


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e-mail marketing is not a hit and miss tool if used correctly. The money as they say is in the list. This applies to any business no matter how small or large. I have worked with one man bands and huge corps that employ thousands of people. If you build a list and market to it they will buy from you time and time again.

What you have to do is give something for something. If you want to collect peoples e-mail addresses that visit your web site it is no good just asking for them to give it to you, they wont, you have to give them something that they perceive to be of value. I know this sounds a little bit out in left field but it works and your potential customers will see you as the right person to help them as you have already given them something of value for free.

They are thousands of reasons you would contact potential customers and old customers to keep your name in front of them. Typically it takes around 7 e-mails to get a customer to part with their hard earned cash and give it to you.

I hope this helps.

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