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01.02.09: Our bangers4BEN are starting to arrive!

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bangers4benlogoAND so it begins…  Bangers4BEN really has taken off. Look, we’ve got a logo and everything! There’s even been a few cars arriving and a change of personnel to report.

Ok, let me explain. After deputy editor Rich was called up for work duties which clashed with part of the event we were down to three participants with £200 each in their hand to find a banger.

But then a series of fortunate events swelled our numbers to four. Being the editor of this here esteemed publication, I’d been firing off emails across the country to contacts far and wide in search of the best possible car.

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Then – just like buses – two came along at once, and both from award winners! The first call came from Motorpoint, the huge independent dealer chain that picked up one of our Eward’s last year.

They had a tidy, R-reg model (remember, we’re keeping the car’s secret until the day) that was trading on their new website for £500 that they were happy to let me have for £100 seeing as the challenge is for BEN. I bit their arm off. It’s a car that retails CAP clean for over a grand so could make tidy money for charity.

The plan was to pick it up Wednesday. But then a day later I get another call from another contact at Lifestyle Europe. Richard Walker, the group’s used car buyer, had found me a car too – and it was top drawer.

So, this meant I was in a quandary. I didn’t want to let either down so decided the best thing to do would be get someone else on board and take both cars. Yes, it costs us a little more, but at the end of the day it could add a huge amount to our total for BEN.

That means in comes baby brother Baggott to fill Rich’s shoes for the trip. Just like when he was a kid I’m still looking out for him, even down to sourcing him a car, but what our brothers for eh?

The editor picks up his car from Richard Walker of Lifestyle Europe

The editor picks up his car from Richard Walker of Lifestyle Europe

So, firstly a HUGE thanks to Lifestyle Europe for my motor and to the kind chaps at Motorpoint for my brother’s. Their generosity should help make double the money for BEN! Nice!

There’s good news from the other two camps too. Duncan picked up his car Friday night. All I know is that it’s black. 

Dan says he’s secured a car from a friend of a friend who’s bought a new motor and is desperate to get shot of their old one. I know it’s rear-wheel drive, green and has a 1.8-engine. But that’s it.

The temptation to go around to each other’s house, under the cover of darkness, to scope out the competition is unbelievable, but then that would be a little bit like finding out what you’ve got for Christmas – the surprise is half the fun!

They’ll be lots more news this week on the trip and even a dedicated section to the journey on this website, so I’ll keep you posted with updates.

In the meantime we’ve set up a donations page at in the hope some of you will respect our madness and want to donate to BEN.

The address is:

Hope you can find it in your hearts to add to our fund!




The Car Dealer team and friends have been handed £200 each by the bosses to spend on a banger that will get them from Portsmouth to John O’Groats and back in three days.

We’ll be taking in a trackday on day one thanks to Motorsport Vision, an MPG marathon on day two when we’ll get (hopefully) to the tip of Scotland.

Then, on day three, we travel the 650 miles home. Yes, it will be tough. Yes, it will be cold. And yes, we may break down, but one thing’s for sure – it’s bound to be eventful. 


Rules and route of Bangers for BEN

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