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02.02.09: This white stuff? Is it going to be a problem?

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bangers4benlogoAS the snow falls the panic begins to set it – are we really going to drive to John O’Groats?

Our Bangers4BEN challenge looked decidedly more difficult the second I glanced out of the window this morning and saw the south coast had been dusted with the white stuff.

I’ve spent a frantic day trying to organise snow chains, only to be reminded the light smattering of snow we’ve experienced will probably be nothing like the drifts we’ll have to wade through ooop North!

The latest issue of Car Dealer Magazine is out now!

Halfords have promised to step in with the snow chains for the four of us which could come in handy. 

The wheels of the Car Dealer publicity machine are beginning to turn too. Our local paper has said it’s interested in covering the 1,500-mile trek in our £200 bangers, and I even had a call from a producer at the local BBC radio station. 

We’ve lined up an interview on Thursday so hopefully I can get some more people logging on and handing over some cash on our Just Giving site – if you fancy donating the address is

In other news we’ve managed to arrange bumper stickers for the trip form Phil Voller of Artistic Licence which will shout the web address to everyone as we trawl up the country.

It’s turned into a bit of an event this challenge – and we can’t wait to get going now. I’ve even sorted some walkie talkies for the four of us off eBay so we can stay in touch on the long, boring journey.

Ten four!

And we’re thinking it might be a good idea to pack sleeping bags, kendal mint cake and some of those shiny aluminium-style sheets you she people stuck on the side of mountains wrapped up in.

Better safe than sorry, eh?

Right, I’m off to check the weather… for the 17th time today.



The Car Dealer team and friends have been handed £200 each by the bosses to spend on a banger that will get them from Portsmouth to John O’Groats and back in three days.

We’ll be taking in a trackday on day one thanks to Motorsport Vision, an MPG marathon on day two when we’ll get (hopefully) to the tip of Scotland.

Then, on day three, we travel the 650 miles home. Yes, it will be tough. Yes, it will be cold. And yes, we may break down, but one thing’s for sure – it’s bound to be eventful. 


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