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16.01.09: BEN Bangers bid hots up

Time 13 years ago

CAN you get addicted to eBay? I think you can. I am sure if I Googled it they’d be a name for it. Hang on I will…

Okay, so it seems there’s not exactly a name for it, but rather a large number of people with the same problem as me.

But the thing is I’m not looking for weird china plates, football programmes or dusty old records – I’m looking for cars!

The latest issue of Car Dealer Magazine is out now!

If you missed my last post about our Bangers for BEN challenge, let me sum it up for you:

Four of us have to buy a £100 car (as cool a motor as possible), drive it from our Portsmouth HQ to John O’Groats (yes, really) and back again, and then sell it for as much as possible – we’ll then be giving all the cash to BEN.

I’m loving the challenge, and have a number of irons in fires: two main dealers are currently hunting around for me, a very good contact at a top independent dealer has promised a cracker (my best hope) and another may pay off from the auction world.

Thing is, I want the best car for the money – not only so I can raise as much cash for BEN as possible, but because I want to beat my rival contenders so badly!

I have a series of challenges planned for the feature already – one will involve travelling as far as possible on a tank of fuel, and another will (hopefully) involve a lap of a UK circuit. All in homage to our heroes at Top Gear you understand, and all securing the winners points that’ll go towards taking that King Banger title!

Problem is, this is somewhat taking over my life – and that of my colleagues. And it seems we’re all doing pretty much the same thing – staring at eBay for prolonged periods of time. It might just be possible that two of us have emailed the same sellers asking for a deal. Oh well.bangers4benlogo

As you know, it’s not really that hard finding a car for £100 – it’s finding one that’s road legal that’s the difficult bit. You’re lucky if it’s got a month’s MOT for that kind of cash, let alone tax.

I might add a clause that says we can tax the cars if we need to for the challenge – but they’ll be a penalty for doing so.

I haven’t really finalised the rules, or the challenges we’ll be doing along the way, just yet, but as soon as I do I’ll post them here.

Right, I’ve wasted enough time writing this – back to site that makes bargain dreams come true… eBay!

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