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Time 9 years ago

IT’S THAT time again when we ask for your help. Last year Car Dealer Power rattled quite a few cages in the automotive industry.

Your responses to our survey meant some manufacturers didn’t end up where they wanted to in our list of the best car makers to represent.

In fact a couple even took it upon themselves to ring me up and dole out an ear-bashing. ‘Why are we so low?’ They grumbled (mostly screamed). And fortunately, for once, I could honestly say it was nothing to do with me. Well, not directly. That’s because Car Dealer Power winners are voted for by you, the dealers – all we do is report the results.


But I quite like the fact they had a moan. It meant the press offices who called had been given a flea in their ear from above, and that means those that matter are listening to our survey – and what you’ve got to say.


We’ve given Car Dealer Power a bit of a revamp. Part one is the same – this year sponsored by G-3 Glasscoat – with a couple of added categories. It’s here where we aim to name the best car maker (and worst) to represent in the UK.

Part two is all about the suppliers; the people and firms you do business with on a daily basis. There are some brilliant suppliers out there helping dealers and this is your opportunity to ensure those that really shine get the recognition they deserve. We’ve split a number of categories up to give even the smaller firms a chance of winning too.


We’ll be inviting the winners to an awards evening in July to receive their gongs, but they won’t get there without you first telling us why they’re good. Simply name the company you use in the respective categories and then rate their services in the areas we’ve highlighted.


Oh, and there are some bribes to get you to do it too. We’ve got more than £1,000 worth of kit to give away to random respondents. You’ll have already found one such bribe in the bag that this mag came in – it’s an Armor All wipe and you could win a boat load of them as part of our prize draw. There’s an Alfa Romeo bike, signed Red Bull shirt by Vettel and Webber, and tickets to a brace of motoring events to win too.

Just make sure we have your mobile number so we can let you know you’ve won. And remember, Car Dealer Power is 100 per cent confidential so don’t be afraid to tell it how it really is. Click here to find out more or go to now to fill in the survey.

James Baggott

James is the founder and editor-in-chief of Car Dealer Magazine, and CEO of parent company Baize Group. James has been a motoring journalist for more than 20 years writing about cars and the car industry.

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