Bank crisis fraud risk

Time 13 years ago

picture-4.jpgFINANCIERS are predicting a rise in fraudulent activity, following the ongoing crises in the banking sector.

First Cyber Security says that those using internet banking systems need to be particularly vigilant.

It is therefore imperative you memo admin and other staff to warn them.

The company predicts a big rise in e-mails, seemingly from banks, asking for responses following takeovers and mergers. They’re not. They’re from scammers and criminals.

They’re increasingly cunning and designed to take advantage of confusion by claiming to be ‘involved’ in the takeovers.

Director David Holman says: ‘This is just the sort of confusion on which the fraudsters thrive. As these mergers and acquisitions continue in the banking sector, the consumer will expect to receive communications from their banks detailing name changes and giving them different websites to gain access to their internet bank accounts.

‘Unless this is handled carefully, it is a real opportunity for fraudsters to steal private information.’

Surveys show that almost a fifth of people click through in response to such e-mails, mainly on their private accounts. Ensure your business accounts are not affected in this way – stipulating, if necessary, that any dubious e-mails are sent to management for verification.

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