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1996 Ford Mondeo SiCOMPANY car drivers have voted Ford’s Mondeo the best company car they have ever driven…

And also voted it the worst one ever, too!

The big Ford took the dubious honour of topping both charts in a recent survey by Leasedrive Velo Group. It was investigating which cars pressed the most buttons with company car drivers.

Roddy Graham, commercial director at Leasedrive Velo Group, was diplomatic: ‘Without question, the majority of respondents who singled out the Ford Mondeo as the worst company car they had ever driven were recalling earlier versions.

‘The latest model has received widespread acclaim and is also considered the best company car driven by our sample.’

The best company cars are…
1.    Ford Mondeo
2.    BMW 3 Series
3.    VW Golf
4.    Audi A4
5.    VW Passat

The worst company cars are…
1.    Ford Mondeo
2.    Vauxhall Vectra
3.    Vauxhall Astra
4.    Ford Focus
5.    Renault Laguna

The survey also offered car dealers some tips as to what options are favoured by company car drivers.

An overwhelming majority – two-thirds – said air con was vital. 23 per cent rated sat nav essential, with 10 per cent mentioning Bluetooth.

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