Big changes to Motability?

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start-motability-when-scrappage-stopsBIG changes to the charity Motability scheme are set to be announced today, Car Dealer understands.

There have been a number of complaints in the government and media that the scheme – which allows the registered disabled to buy a car – is being abused.

There have been stories of BMW X5s being bought under the scheme as well as other luxury cars. This has caused grumbles in the press and it was only a matter of time before this was addressed by the govenment.

Motability operates the largest fleet of vehicles in the UK and are an important source of income for dealers. Any changes to the scheme therefore will be critical to the trade’s fortunes.

Car Dealer understands the changes are likely to centre around the amount of money paid out and which cars are eligible under the scheme.

The biggest suppliers to Motability are Ford and Vauxhall. Car Dealer has spoken to Motability this morning and is awaiting confirmation of what the changes will be.

Come back at 2.30pm to find out the details.

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