Breakdowns boost sales

Time 13 years ago

CAR breakdowns will today reach a record number, as a consequence of cold weather and motorist’s cost-cutting.

Dealers should see this as an opportunity – experts say many people will see it as the final straw, and start to investigate buying a new model.

Up to 3 million motorists have been cutting back on routine maintenance, says the Environmental Transport Association. This means the post-Christmas back to work rush will, it predicts, be thrown into chaos by car breakdowns.

Motorists have also been cutting back on breakdown recovery protection, meaning many owners will be left stranded.

The problem will be exacerbated as cars have been left standing over Christmas. This also means that car dealer aftersales departments may well see a run on batteries.

Director of the ETA, Andrew Davis said: ‘It’s not just people who can feel flat following the New Year festivities; the sub-zero temperatures predicted for early January mean many car batteries will fail on that first Monday back to work.’

Dealers should use this as an opportunity to promote the money-saving advantages of new cars. They may find frustrated motorists will be more receptive than ever…

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