Cayenne D 'best seller'

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There is no badging on the new Cayenne Diesel to show it's a derv-drinker

PORSCHE chiefs believe the new Cayenne diesel will be their top selling 4×4 model within months.

At the unveiling of the key new car near Slough, Berkshire, on Tuesday, the sportscar manufacturer revealed it already had 120 confirmed orders for the diesel.

‘It will rapidly become the top selling Cayenne,’ Wayne Darley, the marque’s brand communications and strategy manager told Car Dealer.

‘We’re very pleased with the levels of interest in the car. The dealer response has been fantastic too.

‘Our retailers were often told by their customer base that a diesel was what they wanted.

‘We did once say that we wouldn’t do a diesel, but those customer demands helped us change our focus.

‘We responded quickly to get the Cayenne diesel to market too – in fact it took just 12 months – and dealers are very happy to see it.’

The Porsche team are confident a large number of sales will come from conquests from other manufacturers.

‘A lot of buyers are waiting to try the new car before committing to buy,’ said a spokeswoman for Porsche.

‘We are rolling out a 24-hour test drive program on March 16 and have had a fantastic take up on this.’

Dealers have already been shown the new diesel and had the opportunity to test it back-to-back with rivals from BMW, Mercedes and Audi at a recent retailer event held at the marque’s new facility at Silverstone.

A full road test of the new Cayenne diesel will appear in Issue 14 of Car Dealer.

See the Cayenne Diesel in action on VIDEO and read our blog from the event here.



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