Citroen introduces dealer review service to the UK

Time 9:49 am, October 14, 2014

c4 cut outCITROEN boss Linda Jackson has revealed that the brand’s dealer review website is heading for the UK.

Like TripAdvisor, Citroen Advisor, allows customers to give feedback on Citroen dealers. If a customer leaves a complaint, the dealer is given 24 hours to respond.

Jackson told Autocar: ‘It is a cliché, but satisfied customers are our best ambassadors. With the advent of social media, there is nowhere to hide. We have to get it right.’

The Citroen CEO, and the first Brit to lead the French company, also told Top Gear: ‘We want customers to have a strong, transparent relationship with the dealer. We’re starting a website called Citroen Advisor. It’s like TripAdvisor where customers can post reviews of their dealer.’

Jackson has stressed that Citroen’s business focus is on making the car buying experience as comfortable and easy as possible.

Citroen Advisor is currently up and running in France and is now being launched in the UK and Germany.

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