Dealers: watch your keys

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dealers-warned-watch-your-keysTHIEVES are increasingly targeting not cars first, but car keys, reports a big motor insurer.

This should be a big worry for car dealers, particularly those whose security and key monitoring practices are not up to scratch.

It comes as evidence emerges that the recession could be pushing up crime rates.


Esure says a shocking 90 PER CENT of car thefts last year involved the use of the original keys! This is because car manufacturers are building cars that are simply too secure to be stolen by conventional means.

According to esure’s figures, 81 per cent of all high value car theft occurred as a result of criminals acquiring stolen car keys through burglaries.

Gordon Hannah, head of claims at esure car insurance, said: ‘Hot wiring a car has largely become a thing of the past, but while improved security is cutting the overall number of car thefts, it is also shifting the threat to individuals.

‘This is why it’s essential never to flaunt car keys and to keep them secured and out of reach of criminal hands at home or when out and about.’ this advice is aimed at private motorists – but the advice is even more paramount for car dealers.


It is vital you consider the implications, both in terms of stock and staff security, this worrying trend reveals.

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