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Time 13 years ago

021875100_1204105272.jpgWHAT makes car buyers choose their next car? Flashy TV ads?

No – advice from friends, family and colleagues.

A survey by strategy experts G2 Data Dynamics reveals that word of mouth recommendations is more persuasive than any other marketing channel.


It’s second only to price in motivating people: of course, how much a car costs remains the key decider.

But companies spending millions on ads will be wasting their money if the car itself doesn’t hit the spot with buyers. Not even product placement, such as Bond’s various Astons, won’t work if motorists give the model the thumbs down.

Alan Thorpe, commercial and operations director at G2 Data Dynamics, said: ‘It is interesting to note that, in spite of the money being poured into advertisement campaigns and product placement, it is still word of mouth that influences consumers when they buy a car.’

‘The desire to keep up with the Jones’ obviously has a major role to play, and marques would be prudent in the current economic climate to investigate ways of creating brand advocates upon which to base their ad campaigns.’

Bear this in mind when making any of your own video ads, too!

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