Interview liars’ fears

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094787600_1207651120.jpgAPPRENTICE copycats who lie, like Lee McQueen, on their CVs are losing shuteye because of it.

A recent survey has shown more than a third can’t get to sleep before the interview, because of the fantasies they’ve put on their CVs.

And such nights are on the up, according to interview skills training company As the job market becomes more competitive, so too do fibs become more extravagant – just so people can secure that all-important interview.


‘Lee McQueen from BBC1’s The Apprentice was a prime example of what a nightmare it can be when an interviewer exposes any discrepancies on a CV,’ said Joe McDermott, CEO of

‘He was made into a scapegoat for the thousands of other candidates who are doing it.’

He still made it through. Most ‘real world’ employers aren’t as lenient. Those sleepless nights are justified.

Particularly as over half of people readily admit their biggest interview fear is clamming up under pressure.

After doing the obvious – not lying – McDermott offers further advice. ‘If you do your research and make good use of all the tools available you’ll find it easy to stay cool in the hot seat.’

Indeed, the boss has put together a top five list of tips to help you through the dreaded interview stage.

1. A top CV is not enough

A good CV will get you into the interview room, but it’s your performance that will win the job.

2. Arm yourself with knowledge
Study the advertisement, job description, person specification and get to know the employer by conducting research.

3. Perfect your communication skills
An interview is a communication exercise and your ability to sell yourself and your skills is the key to success.

4. Give evidence of your ability
It’s all well and good saying you are good at something, but it’s much better if you can prove it by quoting examples.

5. Don’t forget personal presentation
Decisions can be made in the first two minutes of a job interview; what you wear and how you present yourself can have a huge impact.

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