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55837-b-chev.jpgSOMETIMES, news comes in to Car Dealer that is so odd, we can’t help but feature it.

Such as this from Chevrolet, showing off its custom-made Captiva Punch & Judy roadshow.

Yes, really.


Apparently, the company surveyed parents, and discovered that one in three children have never seen a Punch & Judy show. Compare that to 78 per cent of their adults.

To bring the show back, specially-built booths fit were designed to fit onto the side of the Captiva, allowing the mobile show to tour the country. This provides free entertainment to seaside visitors, saving parents some of the average £73 they spend at the seaside.

Susan Kalair from Chevrolet said: ‘Parents are feeling the financial pinch more than most this summer, so it’s a shame to see traditional, value for money entertainment disappearing from our beaches.’ That’s why Chevy’s brought it back.

There is a message beneath the madness, though. Here is product placement at its very best: what will kids and parents be staring at, be delighted by? Chevy’s large, good-value seven-seat SUV. You can be sure there will be ‘find out more…’ information nearby, for the prime family customers the company would love to attract.

Maybe such leftfield thinking can help you devise similarly ingenious promotions?

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