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MITSUBISHI has launched a support plan to help dealers maximise their profits in these troubled times.

Recognising the strain its dealer network is under, the manufacturer has come up with a host of measures to help troubled traders.

Mitsubishi’s three-point plan aims to guarantee a constructive cash flow for the upcoming year.

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The package includes:

A reduction in dealer charges

The car firm has slashed the amount it charges dealers which could result in an astonishing £50,000 saving per annum. This could even increase to a whopping £100,000 a year for bigger dealers.

New product plans

To cater for green-thinking and downsizing buyers, Mitsubishi is launching a low CO2 ClearTec range and its ground-breaking all-electric i-MiEV.

Cost and finance areas

This will centre on reducing the cost of a number of key financial areas affecting dealers, such as vehicle stocking costs and demonstration requirements.

Mitsubishi has realised its dealers are losing out in the current economic downturn and have decided to offer website revamps totally free of charge.

This will please its dealer network as websites are expensive and complicated to produce. What’s more, buyers are increasingly turning to the internet to research new cars and find the best deals in the recession and a new website could help attract buyers.

‘For some in our industry during 2009, survival will mean victory,’ said Mitsubishi UK CEO Jim Tyrell. ‘We have clearly shown that our dealers are key to our ongoing success and have backed that up with real benefits, not just tokenistic gestures.’

Sales and marketing director Lance Bradley added: ‘For some dealers this will mean a real and tangible cost saving of several thousand pounds per annun while improving the quality of information to the customer and sales leads to the dealer.’

Mitsubishi recently expanded its dealer network adding three new sites across the UK.

By Nicola Linnington

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