More empty cars afoot?

Time 13 years ago

p1100385.jpgMOTORISTS have been warned that they’re ‘giving away’ £112m every year when they sell their cars.

That’s the value of the fuel left in the tank, according to sales website

This means that, once word spreads, you can expect to take many more trade-ins running on reserve with the fuel light glowing.

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Daniel Phillips, marketing manager at, said: ‘When you look at the current cost of fuel, and the amount of used cars being sold each year it’s staggering how the cost adds up. British drivers are effectively giving away money to the buyer, with many not thinking about the amounts involved.

‘We’ve based our estimate on a minimum of £15 worth of fuel left in the tank, which equals around 12 litres – not a huge amount when you think a typical car holds around 60 litres.

‘While it is important to leave a certain amount of fuel in the tank, it is worth managing it more carefully as money gets tighter.’

This cost will be passed on to you: maybe it’s thus time to review your policy on fuel provision for used cars?

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